Issues with Protection Paladins

Good morning.

I would like to raise a few issues as a casual player that affect my enjoyment of playing Protection Paladin.

First and foremost: Protection starts off with only two points assigned to the class tree from the get-go compared to Holy and Retribution, which translates to you being one point short. I usually try to use the same class tree setup for all three specs of my chosen class and I would appreciate it if Protection could be made to start off with Blessing of Freedom like Holy and Retribution do.

Secondly, I would like to see something done about the cooldown reduction available to Protection Paladins. There’s a lot of it, and due to the numbers you end up with lop-sided timers like 1.4 minutes for Ardent Defender, 2.8 minutes for Blessing of Protection, 42 seconds for Divine Protection as Holy and so on. Survival Hunter has a similar problem and I strongly dislike this. My suggestion would be to either change the numbers for both Unbreakable Spirit and Uther’s Counsel to something more workable like 25 percent or so, a fixed amount of time in minutes or seconds OR to get rid of these talents entirely and implement them as baseline passives perhaps. Another option would be to change the effect of Unbreakable Spirit for Protection to affect the same skills for the spec as it does for the other two. On a related note, I also dislike that a fun passive like Divine Purpose is gated off to me because of this. Having the two talents switch places would solve this issue.

Thirdly: Damage and gameplay feel. Protection feels - to me - incredibly clunky to play with very little offensive abilities and seemingly low damage to boot. My usual hotbar setup has three free slots at the moment as there’s simply nothing to put in. No, not just on the character used for this post, thank you very much. I also dislike that only Retribution has access to AoE Judgements and would like to see this shared around more, even if it should come with further decreased damage. Another thing that could be done would be to give Word of Glory an offensive component or give Paladins Exorcism back…again. Yet another thing I dislike is the fact that Hammer of the Righteous - my preferred builder skill - is simply not viable compared to Blessed Hammers or even baseline Crusader Strike. The ease of access and functionality of Blessed Hammers blow it completely out of the water, the animation isn’t particularly interesting or impactful and it gives you a similar problem like the one Blood Death Knights are facing at present where you’re made to keep standing in your static AoE, just on a far smaller scale by comparison. Giving Protection access to Divine Hammer from the Retribution tree might be fun in this regard while also making them more versatile instead of forcing you into a stop-and-go playstyle. I mean, things like these are why you removed Rune of Power after all, aren’t they?

What else do I have…? Some more generic Paladin feedback, I suppose.
I would like to give you some praise for what you’ve done with Retribution. I like the thematic split between Holystrike and Radiant damage and the relatively clear choices you pick for each. It would be nice if your Mastery could be affected by your talent choice like with Havoc Demon Hunters, so your Mastery provides you with the respective damage type.
I would also like to see more options for customisation added, such as being able to pick things other than class mounts for your Divine Steed ability. Perhaps more glyphs added to change the spell effects and glows of your skills and abilities. Instead of a sword, Blade of Justice could get a hammer to erupt from the ground, or your holy spells and abilities could be infused with the light of Elune for a silvery-white look instead of orange-gold or runic magic of the Dwarves for a blue tint to match with things like the Dawnforge Ram or Tier 6 / Tier 20. On that topic, I dearly hope that Night Elf Paladins will be added in the near future, considering the NPC’s we had way back in Legion.
The last thing I would like to bring up is the Silver Hand relic. Please give us an option to hide the book stapled to our waist. Let us turn it into an off-hand or reposition it elsewhere. I hate losing my belt buckles to it. The hammer model itself is so good, but I’m stuck with the book too! In addition to that, it would be nice if we could get the option to transmogrify shields into off-hand items (and vice-versa, but that strikes me as entirely unrealistic).

In general, there are always so many things that could be done and added for easy wins and community goodwill and it baffles me that so very little is added if anything at all, only to be advertised as if it were a big deal, like the ONE whopping Draenei skin tone we’ll be getting in the upcoming patch. Before I lose myself in a full-on rant, however, please consider this feedback.

…Oh, who am I kidding? No developer reads the EU forums anyway. We don’t even have a designated bug report section like the US ones do.
Thank you for your time regardless.

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I agree completely with what you said.
To me prot paladin feels like a spec that isn’t fully thought out, every aspect of the gameplay feels better as either holy or ret.
The fact that prot wasn’t reworked tells you everything you need to know imo.

I’ll put down here a list of what I don’t like:

  • Avenger shield doesn’t generate holy power since DF, that to me destroys the rotation.
  • Consacration is better when you play holy or retribution imo.
  • Blessed hammer is just another consac, I want less stuff that makes me stand still, not more.
  • Hammer of the righteous has no reason to be this bad.
  • The spec revolves around building and spending lots of holy power to reduce cds, but:
  • (Maybe it’s me) Shield of the righteous basically hits for negative damage.
  • Word of glory has been gutted to a point where i can’t recognize the spell anymore, the paladin section is full of posts about it. The fact we spend mana for it even if we proc Shining Light or Divine Purpose is a joke.

On a final note:
Blizz attacked the spec with nerfs because of how much offhealing it managed to put out, and that was warranted. Still, I think a rework is needed, maybe not now but with The War Within. I would love to see prot paladin focus not on heals but on shields, like disc priest is to holy.

Are you short of holy power? I find myself drowning in it most of the time.

Why? As tank, you’re the one who decides whether to move mobs out of it or not.

Why do you have to stand still for it? It’s only used to proc grand crusader.

SOTR is usually my top damage ability in dungeons.

I agree this is messed up. The solution to the off-healing issue is to make mana abilities cost mana when used on others, but not when used on self.

As I said, since the spec revolves around shortening cds with holy power spending, this feels awkward and clunky.

I’m reffering to the fact that Holy can cast consac on enemies hit by judgment and retri can do it with blade of justice.

The hammers spin around the position where u casted them, to get benefit from the damage reduction effect you can’t move far. Important or not, that is another “stand still” mechanic just like consac. Once again, other paladin specs have it better, just look at retri Divine Hammer.

Dunno, maybe it’s just me.

It does if you spec Punishment and successfully interrupt a cast with it, it’s been there since class tree rework in 10.0.7.

HoTR has its places as it does nearly quadruple the damage of BH in ST, sure it’s unplayable in dungeons but it is the better option on pure ST fights with high boss uptime in raid(see terros/igira/volcoross/magmorax)

SoTR does great dmg in aoe, meme dmg in ST as bulk of it’s damage is tied to bulwark of righteous fury, would be nice to get an alternative for ST but it is fine as it is as long as you recognise the difference

Do not stand still with BH, treat it as HoPo gen on the move with a small cherry on top. That is it’s intended play which is great, you do not need to min max the minimal damage absorption on next aas with standing still every cast of it.

Consecration forcing you to stand it in for DR is the main issue with current prot pala. Just bake the dr into mastery somehow please, it’s awful for kiting, chain pulling, moving to spawn of some important add.

Ye this is 2nd worst thing that came in DF, the fact that we can go oom by alternating WoG on ourselfs and poison dispell every 5-6s by like 90s is awful. Make us get the mana back on self casts of wogs. We should not be punished in situations where we need to spam heal ourselfs and dispell something pretty much on CD. This is very unfun aspect of few dungeons early in the season.

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