It’s Time for The Great Push and WoW Variety Show!

It’s Time for The Great Push and WoW Variety Show!

Showtime! Everything you need to know to watch The Great Push, beginning on August 19, and the WoW Variety Show on August 24.

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Why do you need raider. io to promote your stuff? Now we have inbuilt ranking system anyway

Balance your classes. And are all devs in the alpha forum on vacation regarding classes besides hunter?

Disable bdk priest hunt and lock and i might be interested in watching it .


No thanks… Next!

Ah yes, the meta showcase for s4. Let’s see who will and will not be allowed to pug for the next 3 months… Bad luck to those who sit out until DF, but them’s the breaks, right? Nothing we can do about it now!


Not like it’s Blizzard’s game or anything and they could tweak the numbers at any time.


You couldn’t pay me to watch this with Taliesen involved. Guy’s a scumbag.


Why is he?

Raider.IO involved? No thanks.

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blizzard please delete post


No thanks, I can fall asleep without external help.



~ Rosa Parks, 1955

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It was wildly disappointing to see the most tense moment in the great push finals this season ruined by the production team putting up an incorrect timer for the audience to see.

It was even more disappointing to see the people running this tournament respond by deleting every comment mentioning the timer til the end of the day and make zero attempt to apologise or take ownership of the production error. There were various excuses given, including “stream delay” (for a timer shown on the stream), and “pad timers” which led to a lot of the audience thinking the rules had been bent or broken.

Very unprofessional, and it’s left a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t think I’ll be watching the rest of this tournament if there’s no apology made at the start of the next broadcast for the mistake.

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The only dps I never invite to my +15-17 pugs is druid (boomy/feral), it doesn’t matter if it is played or not in TGP.

I am not watching full 15hours, but I turn on stream on my 2nd monitor, there are a lot of good small tips/tricks to be found and learnt from these pro players, with a good commentary on top (Drantos, Xyronic gives a lot of good comments).

I’ve watched MDI/TGP back in S1-S3, and it helped a lot to learn tricks of the SL dungeons, also a bit of routes as well :slight_smile: These 3 weekends also helped a lot now, especially seeing some cool easy tricks in Karazan and ID/GD dungeons.

ppl actually watch this? xd

someone must…

i never heard of it before honestly…

i bet whoever watches it loves gambling…

no-one cares


You could turn on literally any M+ stream and see exactly this content… :sleeping:

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