It feels terrible what was done to Shadow this Season

I applied for the duration of 5h this weekend for m+. 16 -18 keystone level with a rating of 1700 and 3k from last Season. NOT ONE SINGLE INVITE. - What a game experience.

Except for last Season it was never easy to find pug groups with a shadow. I could deal with that. But this experience is outstanding.

Cummunity Perception of Shadow seems terrible. And that has reasons: Damage profile is terrible. Utility is plain bad in comparison to others this season. For pug groups community perception is essential. It’s the reality you have to deal with and it was destroyed with changes in 10.2.

There is not one reason to invite a Shadow to you m+ pug group. But some to NOT invite it.

I do not get it, what should be achieved by this policy, making a spec so bad that nobody wants it in his group. It is plain frustrating for somone who sticks to his character for 19 years now and does not like this FOTM stuff.



More chance of being invited to a group as a Shadow Priest than you do as a WW Monk. Whilst your spec might be bad right now, it is still not the worst spec in the game.

But this is what happens when the shiny new spec synergises a little too well with an older one. Rather than nerf the broken nonsense that is Aug, they gut Shadow (which fixes absolutely none of the issues).

i suspect shadow will dive to the bottom once people get all the new gear and set bonuses

What are you talking about? WW is ranked B- in the M+ rankings, while the Priest is D rank. Shadow already had a hard time with AoE (I mean in terms of playstyle), and now they’ve nerfed Shadow Crash, Mass Dispel, and Power Infusion. Plus, the new set isn’t that great. They’ve really undermined Shadow compared to its performance in the last season’s meta, yet Mages are still dominating M+. After 20 years of WoW, they still don’t seem to know how to balance a character.

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https: //ibb. co /zQz Rwyb ← this comment so accurate.

also tank is doing more aoe than shadow is feels astounding to even try m+ and the playstyle is just a big wtf. can blizzard either make mind blast apply VT and mindbender a permanent pet and Pi go away in to a 5 man hero like mages bubble.

Also make Dark Archangel a instant cast how hard can it be.

Remove shadow crash its play style is horrible

Make mind blast apply VT and shadow word death apply shadow word pain.

make mass dispell a 1.25 min cd instead of 2min-

Add back doors of shadow to counter blink and soulshape for holy/disc
add back instant cast cascade that hits targets for loads

make silence an priest talent not a shadow one.

Like you got cooders why dont you do anything? our ending talents has been trash since season 1 ending.


This is EXACTLY how I have been feeling since 10.2 as main sp and OP put it so well ! Thank you. We have indeed been utterly gutted. It seems that for once in history we did not absolutely suck (last season that is) and yes groups actually wanted us but that somehow was a straight thorn in the eye of the Blizz devs. Un - be - lievable !

our aoe dmge particularly in m+ is a complete joke now. I’m barely getting into m+ 5 levels lower than what I should be running where I end up with people’s alts that easily outdps me with gear that is 10-15 ilvls below me while running the same rotations and experience where last season it was doing awesome. It’s simply unreal to behold.

And last but actually most important of all, the main and biggest problem that is still not solved and cannot be solved even by a dmge increase is the fact that as soon as heavy movement comes into play all of our dps plummets because a sp still can’t move while casting his main abilities (e.g mind flay insanity) because they are mainly channeling in nature. I ran a dungeon with a monk tank who never stopped the whole dungeon. he just kept solid dpssing while being on the move non-stop at the same time, los canceling all of my channnel spells over and over ! We are still using the same channel cast mechanics since Vanilla WOW but the game is no longer a stand-still-half-of-the-time type of game but a bunny jumping race instead.

Shadowpriest is so easy to fix and yet after each so called ‘complete rework’ the devs just miss the target completely so let me solve it for you:

  1. Make channeled casts casteable while moving
  2. Tune single and aoe dps to be in line
  3. Add a solid utility that makes us viable in ALL scenario’s (e.g the group haste buff that several classes now have) instead of something niche (e.g short timer mass dispell for a specific dungeon)
  4. Add an instant get-out-of **** spell

This spec needs incredible set up in AoE scenarios which takes tiime and is target capped while demon hunter goes brrr with the eyebeam for a million dps burst. shadow has to spend 5 globals to set up and barely reaches half of the DH burst. Why are u insisting on making this spec worthless in M+? It’s the majority of the content someone who is a regular, daily player does. Inescapable torment is the only redeeming thing about the spec currently, at this point just make Mindbender permanent and tune the numbers so we have some sort of AoE on demand because the damage profile of the spec is an absolute joke.


All of our damage depends on having VT active. Dispel it is free and without repercussions, in fact it helps to have more dismissing return to our other CC. Without any burst, having to cast everything, it is impossible to get away from the melee. The 8% buff to general damage although positive DOES NOT SOLVE any of the problems faced by the SP. And when facing two melee on top of you, it is impossible to do ANYTHING. DH, DK, Warr and WW attacking you, any combination of the two means 0 dps for a ShadowPriest.

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they should remove shadow crash pain and VT and add that to Mind blast and shadow word death that mind blast add VT to targets and shadow word death add pain to targets.

then add back doors of shadow and remove mind games and add back unholy nova with the cleric

Then make dispersion and Silence in to a priest talent choice instead i remember when dispersion were free of choice.

then make [Void Torrent] in to mind sear when you got many adds that does heavy damage

then make [Dark Ascension] instant cast

like that change would improve shadows play style 70%

Void eruption should be an instantaneous ability. When dispelling our VT would have to terrify the healer and leave a healing absorption shield with the remaining damage to be done. Void tendrils would have to have a DC of 30s. And MB’s base damage should be double the current one or if they don’t want to give us more damage make it instant base damage and leave the ridiculous 30k full geared damage.

WTB a Class Change service…

Lol wtb new dev team for this class design.-

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The state of the shadowpriest (I’m only talking about PvP, as I don’t know about PvE) is not terrible, IT IS PITTING. Against double melee, that of 4 players at least you have a 50% chance that it will always be like that you have NO chance. Very low damage, 0 burst, all cast and what not, does pitiful damage. Impossible to get rid of the melees. We don’t have mortal strike so we can’t “dry” the healers with mana. The damage ticks by time doing 10k every 2s when the melees are hitting in AUTO ATTACK more than that. Instantly doing hits of between 50k and 100k when our DoTs do in 18 SECONDS that damage and not counting that they laugh at us when they get shot, not just by healers, but even by DPS.

I want any Blizzard employee to spend a couple of hours analyzing SP data and why in the European TOP3 there are 0 SP in the top 300 positions. Being the first at number 396 !!! HELLO?

We need definitely new dev team for class design because you have xNO IDEAx what to do about shadow class, it is saddest you have done. The truth can be hurt sometimes and it is happening. Stop teasing us and FIX shadow class, thanks!



But I can’t understand it. It is SO EASY to fix our ROL without unbalancing it… let them create a talent that works in mono target and amplifies damage linearly / percentage wise and is very easy to adjust. Example: “Cast Shadows” Increases DoT damage by 30% when targing an enemy and 5% for allies. When changing target the shadow is cast on the new enemy (only one can be active).

Then let’s be clear if we are going to be a single class based on channeling spells to generate “resources” (insanity). That they enhance synergies with the channeling of the mindfly. Both in PvE and PvP.

Im convinced that the guy who did 10.0 SP left the company. I have no other explanation how the same guys could f up this hard

Lets remove anything fun in 9.3 and make 10.1 awkward and weird then lets remove everything that is decent and make it more weirder.

They need to bring back mind sear remove mind games. Let mind sear be a filler like mind flay remove shadow crash make mind blast and shadow word death spawn dots on to targets and make it so mind sear and mind flay crits and prolong the dots.

Also make mindbender a permanent pet

make shadowform optional.

make dark archangel instant cast

I think the dev team should play this version and see how they like having no aoe dot applications that lands 100%

and five milion buttons 4 of which you just look at which you don’t cast since its a dps lost (mind games).