It is about time to end this nonsense DPS overlording and their game

Applies to Arena’s too right now on PTR boi. Op sberm healers need to learn to manage their mana and not just spam fast heals without an effort. And their dps team has to be aware of it too.

Also disabled all achievements, I don’t know why he doesn’t hide all the twinks/chars like every botter/buyer

but , i dont care, i rather he buy it with playing with a pro/boosting, instead of using a ele bot tbh

Why do you old balls push any rating after getting max gear? Less than 5K people care about rating. Its worthless. Wrath had 1 million playing 2s and 3s weekly.

I see so you know the guy?

no i dont :smiley: i just check pvp him

Actually all healers are quite nice right now, except for Rsham.

You can dispel this



Warrior needs survivalbility nerfs, nothing else

Such as? So far this smells like an MM hunter complaint post


What does this even mean lol pets are just used for dmg, passive mortal wounds effect, stun and a freedom / ros. Huh.

No, you don’t want 15 minute games


It isn’t unless you’re farming transmogs

Yep 130k people touched a lot of grass last month LOL

You mean them shrugging their shoulders → create a new account on same bnet → continue doing whatever they did before → profit?
Hardly believe they went to touch grass before they continued botting xd

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Hahaha, so sad, but also so true … the bans does nothing, i saw this pokemon guy getting banned on his #8 wow account, lul

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