It is confirmed. Bel'ameth is now a neutral "city"

Icy Veins:

" The new Night Elf home Bel’Ameth added in Patch 10.2.5 is a neutral city. However, Horde players who enter the city will see a debuff informing them that they are being watched.

The debuff’s name is Eyes of the Sentinels and the tooltip reads: Seen and unseen eyes alike are watching your every move."
A debuff that does absolutely nothing

Thanks for NOTHING Blizzard


Well, honestly, they helped. And at least unlike the nightborne they aren’t just going the other way, straight up joining one faction and telling the other one they’re an enemy now right before the battle for azeroth events despite helping with the nighthold and suramar as a whole. I think this is the least the horde deserves for helping, you know?


Sorry they helped themselves. Destruction of Amirdrassil would kill them too.
They didn’t help Night Elfs, they fought for themselves.
They have no right to be there


Let the moo cows in ban the rest.


Not gonna happen. Everyone is welcome. No horde ever did nothing bad to Night Elfs. There was no genocide. Everyone is welcome
Nope this is not the game for me anymore


Sorry but no. There’s several reasons for this.

Bal’Ameth being a Night Elven capital means it’s by default an Alliance capital.
I want to have immersion.
I can’t just enter Lordaeron as an Alliance even though I helped them reclaim their city, aka “I helped”.
I’ll only be ok with stuff like this if they let Alliance members freely walk around Orgrimmar, after all, we helped the Horde reclaim it twice.


Don’t forget that horde had nothing to do with Bel’Ameth. They fought for their own skins for Amirdrassil.
I mean, if i fart in Bel’Ameth the dragons in Valdrakken can smell it how close it is. What is the damn point of letting them in our town. They want to go to Emerald Dream? There is a portal there already
This is a nightmare


Faction conflict is being phased out. We generally tend to face a greater evil together. Last time Blizzard tried faction conflict was in BFA which was really pathetic and insulting the players’ intelligence. Sylvans, instead of being subtle just commits political suicide, and the rest of the horde instead of stopping her just promptly ignores it until Baine decides to intervene with Derek of all things.

Now there are no more faction conflict instigators. With Sylvanas gone, Tyrande and Greymane are mostly satisfied. Horde council is peaceful, and alliance doesn’t want war either.


Big mistake moving from this because this is roots of WoW and Warcraft as a whole. Only small loud minority of wow players wants this. People like you I suppose.

Only because a morons wrote the story, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t be good.
Tell me, without faction conflict, what is the reason for PvP? Battlegrounds, rated Battlegrounds, world pvp. None makes sense anymore. Only aspect of pvp that makes sense is arena.
And that is only small problem amongst many.
Tyrande NEVER signed armistice. Show me one information or source where she did that. You can’t because it don’t exist.
Even now there are conflicts in Ashenvale and Azshara and probably Ferales.
Where is the info that horde is out of Night Elven territory? Nowhere. Again, I dare you to show me one source of that information.
So to conclude. we ARE still at war and horde have no buisness in Night Elven city


Especially stinking rotting undead


I’d argue it was a different horde. Times change.

They may change all they want. Thing is, blood on their hands will never be washed.
Tens of thousands of Night Elves are dead, Ethnic cleansing is completed. Horde got rewarded. What is this?? I simply can’t understand the mindset of this wow team anymore.
They live in some kind of utopia which have no place in WoW and for sure it don’t exist in real life.


I dont understand the fuss…the game is going to change with Lore (meaning things happen and its great that the game evolves with those things).

If you dont want the lore to change and for horde and alliance to keep fighting forever then you have Classic.
If you just want to fight everybody you have PVP.
If you just want to see what Blizzard will come up with next and are along for the ride you have retail.

see…something for everyone!


Yea and the horde for the most part purged their ranks of the people responsible. Sylvanas is in the maw somewhere and the sylvanas loyalists where ever forced to denounce her or leave the horde completely.

Didn’t elune also sacrifice the night elf souls by trying to send then to ardenweald for greedy reasons only to accident send them all to the warcraft version of hell? You gonna be mad at her as well or is it only a race thing.

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That’s your own head cannon. Not even the game did that.

Although I have to say the Alliance didn’t exactly do much either, and Tyrande bubble hearthed out with Malfurion.

I can’t say the story was amazing for Nelves/Tyrande or UD/Sylvanas fans.

If it’s meant to be replacement for Darnassus I don’t understand why they are mixing Horde and Alliance, unless they are going to do it with all capitals.


If Horde are allowed in Night Elf city, we may as well let them access Stormwind also.
Just add a debuff saying they’re being watched, whatever good that will do.

What a time to be a Night Elf. Really get to double down on the racial immersion when you realize that you’re on a Horde-heavy population. Night Elf place you say? Doubt it.


Every “Horde” since the first one eventually went psycho again, how many times will that “We’re different now, honest!”-schtick be repeated?


Blizzard writers are incapable of writing faction conflict long term. We saw it in MoP, we saw it in BfA. Both Garrosh and Sylvanas (both of their rise to horde leadership was very questionable BTW) went full genocide mode and united the alliance and horde under a common goal to defeat them.

If they wanted an organic faction war then Garrosh should have been a leader that, while not accepting peace, actually cares for the horde as a whole and not only those he deems worthy. And if he stayed in power to this day avoiding any outright atrocities and being more morally grey, you would have a situation where the faction conflict perpetuates organically, with the horde unwilling to replace him and the alliance not willing to forgive his horde.


wHen WiLl AlLiAnCe BiAs EnD???

Some of the devs have been hating night elves for years now, remove those sylvanas fanboys from the team please thx


What a dumb effing decision. Who wanted this? Please tell me how many Horde players felt the need to be in that city? I don’t. I want nothing to do with it.

Protest, people. This neutrality crap needs to stop.