Item Conversions with Guardians of the Dream

With the Guardians of the Dream patch, the following conversions will happen:

  • Flightstones earned in Dragonflight Season 2 will be converted to gold.
  • Shadowflame Crests and Crest Fragments will become grey items.

As we outlined here, you’ll resume earning Flightstones and start receiving the new Dreaming Crests currency and Spark of Dreams crafting reagent in Guardians of the Dream.

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Why are conquest points still converted to silver though?

imagine if they replied to you.

They shall. It’s important.

It’s very disappointing to find out that any Great Vault rewards collected tomorrow won’t be upgradable - especially at such short notice.


Im guessing this means that you can no longer upgrade S2 gear after the patch launches tomorrow?

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Are you telling me I can no longer upgrade items for mogs sake?

Guess being slow never really paid off.

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What is the conversion rate? 1:1? Or more?

This has always been the case

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I’m curious about the tokens you use to buy gear sockets (forgot the name).

You can currently exchange 2 tokens for a bag of 1000 gold at the vendor. I wonder what happens if you don’t spend them. Will you automatically receive the 1000 gold for each 2 tokens? Or will the auto conversion be less favorable?

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