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Hi, I recently got my resto Shaman to 60 through dungeon spamming. I cannot queue for the new dragonflight dungeons as I need higher item level. How can I get this item level quick so I cant get back into the dungeons, without paying for the ridiculously priced green items from the AH.

P.s. I got my warrior to 70 and have completed the campaign. I dont really want to do it again…would rather queue for dungeons.

Thanks for any help

I would normally say buy Greens, but if they are unreasonable on your server …

If you completed the campaign on your 70, your 60 should have all World Quests open, and all quests open.

The best I can suggest is that you start one of the zones, plus any WQ that give you DF gear. DF quests are not overly generous with gear, AFAIR, but maybe you can get enough together without having to do too much questing.

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If you are in a guild or have any friends on your realm you could ask them to make you some starter greens.


If you have characters that played through SL and have some reservoir anima stockpiled you can buy BoA gear tokens for level 60s in ZM for 500 anima. Otherwise you can try to make it to 61 and buy some crafted gear that should be quite cheap as it’s current expansion crafted blue BoE gear.


You don’t realy have to do the whole campaign again. Just go to the Dragon Isles do intro quests and game will offer you an Adventure Mode. This allows you to level in any zone, do all the world quests. Then just look for world quests that offer gear upgrades and do main story quests from one zone you choose up until you get your ilvl high enough for dugneons. Ignore the side quests since they hardly ever reward you with any gear while main quests often do.

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