Item restoration list empty (mythic epics lost!)

I had a lot of raid gear and other mythic epics.
Unfortunately I have disenchanted most of the gear.
I disenchanted the gear because I had 2 goals:
1: to stop with wow
2: there is always a chance to come back and I thought it should be possible to get it back through item restoration process!
Now it seems they are not in the item restoration list anymore!
I stopped playing wow only about 8 months ago so the epic items should still have to be available in the restoration list.

It seems it got easier now to get epic gear but I would like to get back the trinkets (healing and dps)

Well I don’t know what you’re basing this on but 8 months is a lot of time.

If you checked all the above, and you still can’t restore your item, it means the item was purged from our database.

Generally, the better the quality and the higher the item level, the longer an item will be retained. For example, a Common (white) item may only be recoverable within one day, while an Epic item may be recoverable for 30 days.

Purged items cannot be restored by any means.

If you thought of maybe returning then you should have left the items in your bags/bank. It’s not the game’s fault if you lack the self discipline to quit without purging your gear.

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The database would be massive if they kept item lists for that long, you have two choices, buy stuff from the AH or contact Blizzard to get a set of gear to start the slog to get good gear again.

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That’s true, it would be a huge database but we got bigger data storage these days . I asked for support. Who knows it might be possible to restore some precious items.

I know it’s not possible, the database was altered about 8 or 9 years ago to only about 30 days retention. So I’m sorry to say they are gone forever.

This is the reason I would never recommend someone deletes or disenchants all their stuff when they quit.

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No worries, I am a casual player now. The reason I have disenchanted almost everything except the Darkmoon card: Repose is that I could profit from it from the “high” price of eternal cryston on the auction house. It would have been nice to get the items back because of the low price on the auction house right now. It was a good investment. But I would like to get back at least one piece! The Darkmoon card for melee dps I want it back cry

Not sure about how it is like on your server, but those Darkmoon cards sell for pretty cheap on my server. So why not just buy a new one?

They are still more then 10 K on my server and now there are none for sale.

Even if the item restoration database is purged, the proof that I had once the items will be in the appearences database!

10k is little more than small change now. If it’s worth more to you than the PF trinket (which I thought was BiS for most melee specs) or the fusion amplifier from Sanctum, it’s a small amount to pay compared to the time spent farming those.

The dps trinkets are probably 20K. It is allright I have better things to do now like real life.

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