Item scaling - what was (is?) the plan?

Genuinely curious. I knew there would be some adjustments to item levels etc, but I assumed it would be done in an even and reasonable way (I know, I know, wildly optimistic) but instead we seem to have got a wild west approach.
Some of my old gear has scaled up. Some hasn’t. Items that weren’t soulbind have scaled, items that were generally haven’t. Items in dungeons drop one ilvl from mobs and bosses and another ilvl from quests. Some greens are higher item level than blues. TBC dungeons now have secondaries?

I don’t mind if things are changes, but some consistency and information would be nice?

Also, could you please update our soulbound gear? Some of that stuff took a long time to obtain, I don’t think it is fair to just trash it out of laziness. I still use those things for timewalking and having to regrind items is just not right.

EDIT: It gets more chaotic the more I look. Relic’s of the past haven’t been updated, so if you craft an item for your lvl 14 toon it is ilvl 19, but you can buy greens off the AH that are ilvl 30+, thus making that whole system pointless.

Kindly sort it out.


Timewalking Discord made post about this also but so far they have not said if they are even aware of the issues. I have also been spreading news on reddit, sent feedback in-game etc

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