<Its a Cultural Thing> is recruiting!

Hello, good people of Azeroth and beyond. We hope you’re doing well in these riddled times where Uncle Corona has come over for a visit and forced people to stay home.

< Its A Cultural Thing > is recruiting for our raid team.

About us

We’re a guild consistent of players of all ages and backgrounds with the same ambitions and goals for shadowlands. All of our players currently comes from Draenor due to recent realm transfer as Draenor was unplayable ever since the launch of Shadowlands. We consist of former top 800 world players who now wants to work together with the same goals. Our ambitions for Shadowlands are world top 500 ranking and in order to obtain that, certain things are needed and required of us on a 3 night raid schedule. You can expect us spending countless hours outside of raids to prepare properly with classes, specs, tactics, spreadsheets and so on for each raid night. Our philosophy is mechanics over big numbers and that you provide feedback where feedback is due.

After every raid week, we ask for feedback and provide feedback as well as constructive criticism and going through logs and replays of our fights to find points of improvement and we expect our raiders to do the same.

Raid times

  • Wednesday
  • Sunday
  • Monday (First 4 weeks of Mythic, after these weeks, this will become optional heroic nights for alts)
  • 20:30 - 23:00

What we expect from you

  • Come prepared tactically and do your own research as well as testing raids during PTR cycles
  • Come with all mandatory buffs such as food, flasks and potions.
  • Be equipped with best enchants and gems
  • Hard-skinned as we do have a lot of banter
  • During progress, you might be asked to play one of your alts for the sake of progress.
  • A working headset with microphone and willingness to speak as communication is key for progression.

What you can expect from us

  • A good and stable roster with focus on best possible gameplay
  • Lots of banter
  • Criticism where criticism is due
  • Calm and relaxed environment
  • A long standing officer team that’s played together for several years
  • Professional attitude and atmosphere towards progression

Any other information or questions, make sure to drop by our Discord for a chat.


Bump… ^^

Still looking for a few people

Still looking for more! Don’t be shy y’all.

whats your raid times? and any specific classes/roles you need?

Hello, Arwelith. You can find our raid times in the forum post you just replied to. We’re looking for enhancement shaman as highest priority, but we never close down recruitment as all exceptional applicants gets a chance. =)

We’re still recruiting, folks.

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