It's been a while, old player returning

It’s been quite some times since I seriouly played Wow. I played from Beta right until the Panda expansion. I tried to come back during legion but didn’t stay around long as life wasn’t having it. I always played on NA servers as I lived in the US but now I’m married and live in the UK. I used to be a hardcore raider pushing server first content but that is one the reasons I left in the first place.

I’m just wondering if there are any guilds out there that raid but don’t take it super serious, that is willing to help me ease back into the game, and I’m hoping to bring my wife on board as well, I’m not sure if she’ll be a raider but she will be active (doesn’t have the game yet as I’m feeling it out first). I know this is the winding down period before Shadowlands which I have pre-ordered.

So basically I’m just looking for a group of people that want to do a bit of raiding next expansion, is willing to help me learn the ropes again, has more of a welcoming family feel, and has room for an old returning player and his never played before partner.

There forums don’t look very active so if anybody knows of another way to try and find an alliance I’m all ears. If you read this much, thank you, I appreciate it.

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