It's getting real bad in Dragonfang

We have been looking for a group for 3 days now into maraudon.

The server is dead, the AH is dead and groups are extremely hard to make if you don’t know a tank or healer.

I went into looking for some arcane crystals in AH, nothing there, so is no ghost dye, only 1 guy posting mithril bars. The list can go on. its a joke blizzard, you play a MMO and the world is dead and empty.

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Agree, it’s dead. There is no single guild that can do MC, it is nightmare to find a tank or heal for 53+ dungeons, you end up whole day spamming channels without any luck (it took me 5 days to put together one single group for whole BRD :D). PVP is in next phases so that is not an option as well. So basically when u hit 60 you can just continue farming profs/gold, but nothing else…

The possibility to free transfer from low pop server to Spanish server?! That did not help much I can tell you.

Please allow us to transfer/merge server/allow free transfers here. I’m expecting to apply some solution if you don’t want this whole server to burn out. It’s being like that for more than 2 weeks without any progress, it’s even getting worse.

Not only you sh*t post on /4 but also on forums I appreciate


At least we’ve finally hit medium pop at peak times, progress is progress!
And I don’t have any proof but I have been told it’s also slightly in alliance favour!