Ive been testing new monk sets

2 piece pretty standard,flame does like 10k extra damage to each rsk.

4 piece is weird. It’s off autos, so you can get like 3 in a row, or none after a minute of just auto attacking. The spirit is meant to do 20 percent of what you do, but sometimes it does that, sometimes it does exactly the same as you, and sometimes it does more.

ALso the haste stats on the tier sets are supremely dumb.

Just standerd treatment for ww nowadays you want to enjoy this game reroll xD you a want cool class trink reroll, you want a fun exciting intuitive tier sets reroll, you want to relevent in the dmg department reroll, you want to play a class properly with the right stats reroll xD i mean haste on our trink are the devs drunk or something? And i havnt seen the gears stats but if its got more haste might aswell leap off a cliff cause right now in game i cant use any fun phials or anything i need the vers one for more vers cause we get none on our gear and is it going to more of that in 10.1, do the just want to delete monks from the game? I think so

Well they just changed the 4 piece :

Windwalker Monk:

  • (4) Set Bonus: Fists of Fury deals 25% increased damage to the primary target and increases Shadow and Fire damage you deal to all targets hit by 40% for 15 sec.
  • Developer’s note: This hotfix replaces the existing 10.1 Windwalker Class Set Bonus with a new effect. While we loved the fantasy of granting Windwalkers an additional spirit, we heard your feedback around the resultant lack of control loud and clear and are making this change as a result.

Did the fact 99 percent of WW’s choose serenity tell them no one wants to use spirits?

All it means is the extra shadowflame damage from rsks (which was about 10k) will hit for 14k after you land the FoF.

Am I missing something? This seems…underwhelming. The spirit was random, but at least when it did appear it made a significant change to damage.

I dont think your missing something the devs definitely are tho specifically with monks originally they gave us a 2 and 4 piece that made us go serenity, fae line build no summons bar xuen on the 2 mins for the most dps(only speculation cause no numbers were realsed during then but i think its true) and then put us on the summon class trink with haste? Whitch would have maybe been okay if the original 4 piece procced it but nows that changed so the trink is useless literally and will only work on sum xuen? Its all over the place and i think the new 4 piece change is some other dev from another class just thinking of something quick to change it. Monks next patch look so unfun and crap am really looking foward to not playing it really stuff just strange.

And dont even get me started on that stupid uninformed assisine coment with the new 4 piece change, we got feedback blah blah blah but we still feel monks is a pet class, summon class what are they on literal drugs? Or have there brains just melted casue i dont think i recall ever monk being a pet/summon class like ever unless i hopped into a parallel universe or something but what in the hell are they on xD

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Also i hope to god this class trink isnt bis cause if it is its just going to suck even more cause it will only proc on the summon xuen on the 2 mins cause we have no other summon, i mean i dont play storm fire etc or the stupid statue so its only 2 mins it will proc for me so that means are burst whitch is already pretty good but just the burst will now be even stronger with nearly 6k main stat, however because we are such meh class our drop off after out burst is going to be even worse now, like in raid on terros on burst im top with 150-180k burst but after 10 secs it drops then 20 its dropped even more then 30 im way down cause monks are just meh. So now blizz in there unfathomable knowledge have decided they a stronger burst and a stronger drop off truly a middle finger to all monks who pay actuall real money to literally be laughed at by the dev team i mean they trully are laughing by calling us a pet/summon class its just a joke to them.

Hah, too true.

Sadly I couldn’t get damage details to work on PTR, so I can’t give dps calculations. I tried a full haste set on PTR , but all it did was lower my amount of crits.

I’ll reserve full judgment until i can do proper tests with add-ons, but at the moment this set is definitely worse that the current one.

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