<Jailer Baited> 10/10nm 10/10hc LF mature, reliable and decent players for mythic progress

Hey guys, we moved to Stormscale just after the xpac launch as Draenor was crumbling and wasn’t letting people level, or do anything much, many of us are cutting edge raiders looking to push Mythic and we need to flesh out our current roster with a few missing specs.

Current progress is 10/10 Normal, 10/10 Heroic and heading into mythic so we need solid, reliable players to fill out the last spots. We don’t recruit for the bench and try and keep as tight a roster as we can so good, experienced players with mythic experience is who we are looking for.

Your attitude toward the game and raiding, as well as the ability to play your class to the best of your ability is paramount. We are happy to trial for the next couple of resets while we still farm heroic with a view to get you onto the roster ASAP. Our most recent recruits got the job done in a week, that’s what we are hoping to find.

We are mainly looking for ranged at the moment , spriests, hunters and locks are most welcome.

We raid on weds and sun, and are hoping to find players who are active, ready to get involved with keys and pvp if you like it on our off days.

To Apply, drop me a message and ask for the wowaudit application link.

Speak soon.

Could also fit in a rogue

hey what times do you guys raid?

Weds Sun 20:00-23:00 with extending to 23:30 if needed

Ah dam i news one that starts at 20.30 struggle to be on at 20.00 as getting kids to bed ect

Adding another UH DK to the mix, we are looking for: quality spriest and warlock, melee wise, UH DK and rogue are also sought after.

get in touch.

Still in the market for a few more dps. Sire will go down this week meaning we will be pushing into mythic prog asap

Updated post, we need a couple of different classes, mainly ranged to join our team for mythic progress nights.

Still in need of some pumper dps to progress into mythic

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