Jaina Proudmoore Heroes of the Storm Voice line

When you summon Jaina’s Water Elemental in Heroes of the Storm she says ‘Rise servant of Neptulon!’

I was always under the impression that Fire and Frost magic that Mages use is essentially Arcane magic manifested to appear and behave like Fire and Frost elements.

This made sense to me as Mages do not appeal to the Elements for their magic in the same way that Shamans do. This also explains partly that Warlock’s magic is Fel manifested as Fire, as opposed to an appeal to the Elements.

If the above is correct, would that not make her voice line innacurate?

As a side note: Similarly when she famously rose a Tsunami and threatened to destroy parts of Kalimdor after Theramore was destroyed. Isn’t this magic that would require an appeal to Elements as opposed to the idea that they simply are manfesting and conjouring Arcane to appear and act differently?

That’s how it was described in the RTS games, but when Jaina summoned her floodwave for OG it was described as forcing the water elementals to obey her - which is what tipped Thrall off that something wrong was happening.

In any case, a mage summoning a water elemental usually doesn’t ask. Either they create a simulacrum, or they force the being. So there might be overlap with dark shamanism, but certainly not pure one. But I guess “servant of Neptulon” would be applicable to the forced being as well?

It’s WoW lore, expect inconsistencies, I guess. It might be one version or the other, it might be both at different times, or it might be different authors having different ideas and not settling the issue.

i think the difference here is jaina is most likely using tidesage magicks so her water elemental is basically a shaman’s water elemental despite kul’tiras not seeing it that way judging by the ship building quest

I vaguely recall something about the bindings of elementals being forged by titans (or somesuch), which could make them succeptible toward being dominated through arcane means.

Or it’s just a plain old mistake, in a non-canon IP.

probably this, she is after all an kul tiran, and should know tidesage magic to some extent atleast.
Also not to forget she does have the thunder Kings staff that she uses, and at that moment she also had the focusing iris.

Because the Tidesages are known for invoking Neptulon’s name? I mean, sure, we can create our headcanon, but “In HotS, Jaina mentions Neptulon, thus she is using quasi-shamanistic ways of casting. Jaina could have learned some of the quasi-shamanistic ways of the Kul Tiran Tidesages, at some point in her youth somehow. So being tied to Tidesages is what would make her invoke Neptulon” is a bit contrived, isn’t it?

Especially when a thoughtless inconsistency between different devs in different games isn’t a very unlikely scenario at Blizz. It’s not our job to fill these plot holes. And if it was, I’d hope we could do better than this.

well if you want the overly negative version blizz don’t give a damn and the devs most likely don’t even know the lore

At this point it’s rather difficult to be overly negative, because they always find a new low.


Arcane magic imposes “order” thus it can shackle and bind elemental forces to its will and serve. I don’t see why this is an issue to hear Jaina basically taking one of the Elemental Lord of water’s minions and making it work for her.

I doubt Blizzard gives this this much thought more then players do. Just let it slip. It is another rule of cool moment.

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