Jewelcrafter needed :P

I’m preparing my character for herald of the titans and there is a lack of gems and needed JC stuff on AH on our server. I’m in need of reckless ametrine (or u know any intellect user multi-stat gem for item level 35).
Also I’m in need of [Golden Beryl Ring of the Aurora] [Kyanite Ring of the Aurora] created with relic of the past II.
so, be nice if u wanna earn some gold and put that stuff on AH and i will snatch it. however, I know you nasty goblins wanna drain my wallet - I’m not gonna pay arm and leg for that :stuck_out_tongue: be reasonable.

TBH you don’t really need to go for BIS for herald, and a lot opf the advised gems are (were?) no longer obtainable.

I’d like ANY gems at this point… there is 0 gems for sub 35 ilvl xD

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