Jeweled signet of melandrus

Does the bonus on it work under any circumstance for BM hunters? I been testing it out but it seems that it is not working / adding any dmg at all.

Last I checked, it didn’t.

It used to, the version there was prior to the rework they did to it for M+.

Its the best for bm hunter tbh and yes it works on bm

Can you confirm it? I do not do any more dmg on training dummy as BM with it with auto shot nor does my pet with melee. If i switch to surv, my [melee] does more dmg with the ring equipped. Am I missing something ?

Works as you would expect. Not BiS though, and the effect is practically worthless.

If you dont raid its BiS tbh.

tbh it’s better now paired with the new nelthrax effect not by a lot tho :frowning:

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