Join <League of Mischief> For Raiding and More!

League of Mischief is an active social guild on Hellscream/Aggramar looking for players to join our new raid team for Ny’alotha! We are a super friendly bunch whose main aim is to enjoy the game in good company.

Our members are a real mix of players but everyone here is social, helpful and inclusive, and we have a very active Discord group where you can get to know the other members!

Raid nights are Tuesdays and Sundays from 8.00pm server time. As a group we do like to challenge and improve, so raiders will be expected to be committed and know their class. However, there is lots of support and teamwork in the guild, and we always have fun along the way. We have some experienced raiders on board but would definitely welcome new or returning players too.

We’re not all about raiding though! We aim to have something for everyone so that members can do what they enjoy and maybe also try something new:

  • M+ is every Wednesday and Friday from 8.30pm server time, but there are usually groups running M+ every evening at different levels.
  • ‘PvP Party’ is every Thursday from 8.30pm server time - we group up to do the weekly PvP quests, as well as battlegrounds, arenas and brawls.
  • Guild levelling groups, which are a great opportunity to give a new class a go or try out tanking/healing for the first time in a friendly group.
  • Quizzes with various themes and prizes.
  • Many other activities, including transmog runs, mount hunting, pet battles and fun contests!

If you’re interested, add me on BattleNet to join or find out more - MagickRosa#2275

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