Join Srormriders for RP, PVP and PVE :)

STORM RIDERS - RP realms - Recruiting all levels/classes

Storm Riders (est. 2007) is a gaming community with members enjoying PvE/raiding, PvP, and light RP in WOW and other co-op games.

Our Discord server invite:

Age range 21yrs right up into 70’s - we’re quite a diverse bunch of gamers :sunny:

PVE: Mondays and Thursdays, 9-11pm server time.

PVP/BGs: Wednesdays and Saturday evenings

ROLE PLAY: We’re a light RP guild - monthly guild meetings in-game involve some role play. New RPers welcome and happy to teach RP basics. Dedicated RP night is Tuesdays.

Interested? Then please apply via the Guild Finder in-game, or contact any guild member. You can wisp me! :slight_smile:


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