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i think i know what is bothering me with dragonflight and stopping me from buying it now…

it’s all too positive and upbeat…

there is nothing really negative in the cinematics nothing which get me interested…

and you all know me i love the negative in things…

positive is boring all colourful and disney … skipping along while doing dailies … farting different colour fire…

where is that fire melting skin from bone… ans why didnt they show that big dragon destroying anything?

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Are you saying that they took the warcraft out of World of Warcraft? :smiley:

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im saying they are scared to be negative anymore.

Padaren existence in Warcraft predates the Kung Fu Panda movie… :man_facepalming:

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As an april fools joke, not as they were implemented in the expansion…

As existing in the Warcraft RTS game…
And in Vanilla.

Just because the original concept was an april fools joke is irellevant.

Yes, as an april fool’s joke. Warcraft 3 had a single brewmaster unit with a few joke lines.
No culture, no nothing.

Let me introduce you to the mop cinematic:

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I will tell you what it was so no one else needs to waste time on this garbage.

It starts with an alliance human riding a dragon, I say simply human because it’s unclear if it’s a male or a female. Then an unusually unintimidating troll appears on a dragon, but fear not, because apparently the horde and alliance are all cuddly with each other now.

Some very meek looking lizard man appears throwing some cheap parlor tricks with his hands, does not look bulky and mighty like any kind of dragon.

Big dragon and thunder appears and disappears as soon as he got in. Then the unclear human and the troll fly away to discuss what is for dinner tomorrow, peace comes to the entire world and unicorns start farting rainbows.

I want the names of everyone who said it surely cannot get any worse than SL, because I’m making a list.

that is true…

but it did not stop them drawing parallels between the two when they both coincided with each other.

i even saw a parody video on youtube of a guy stood next to the panda monk statue outside a headquaters at the launch of MOP … saying “welcome to blizzard HQ”

the camera panned up and show’d it was Dreamworks studios.

You probably have bad eyesight.

That’s a female wildhammer dwarf.


One of the main purpose with the cartoonish style is that everyone are able to play the game even if it is bright in the room. It looks better on the monitor even if the room isn’t ideal for gaming ;D

That what I heard from some interviews with blizzard at least :slight_smile:

Again; we just had years of ‘negative’. Let this short period of positivity and adventure be. It’ll all be ‘oh noes the world is ending’ soon enough, as we all know.

Ps; I had your mindset too long ago; it was utterly destructive to my mental (and thus my physical) health. Just sayin’.


Most of what’s happened later in WoW did not exist in the beginning of the Warcraft games, should we never get anything but orcs and humans?

If there is a single ray of sunshine in between genocide and bloodshed you’ll hear people complaining… :man_facepalming:

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Whatever it was, it was lame.

it wont be short… i think this is the new blizzard … world of buddiecraft.

as unfortunate as that is …

until shown wrong that is my take.

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Sorry to break it to you, but only in your own mind are you right…

That’s okey! I like WoW 2022, it would be rather strange if they didn’t change in 18 years! Do you want a more edgy game try Elden ring!


hehe love it people still do not even know what Warcraft actualy meens, and only think war instantly.