Join Us Now for a Dragonflight Pre-Launch Stream

Join Us Now for a Dragonflight Pre-Launch Stream

Join World of Warcraft Executive Producer Holly Longdale and Dragonflight developers for a pre-launch stream to ring in the second phase of the pre-expansion patch.

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Eh, sure, why not. Something to watch while eating.

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the entire expansion feels like a pixar movie and not world of warcraft. what even was that cinematic? it’s all become so unbelievably childish


Some people will never be happy. Sigh.

It was a cool cinematic imo.
For those who want WoW to be edgy… You just had years of Shadowlands with an overload of ‘edge’. Just let this be cool and adventurous and fun. :blush:


I’m pretty sure even in 2004 WoW got jabs for looking too much like Disney with all its vibrant colors.
And I’m also pretty sure that each and every time WoW has gone to some dark and gloomy or otherworldly place, then the player feedback is always a desire to return to terrestrial Azeroth with peaceful and idyllic zones.


Classic may have looked like a pixar movie, but it certainly did not feel like one. People tend to forget the WoW originally would have been a Warhammer game and till Pandaria it certainly had the feels of it. Constant war no matter where you look.

This new cinematic feels like a copy of How to Train your Dragon. And not even like the 3rd movie that was darker…


World of Warcraft: How to train your pixel

cinematic did look nice… but was a bit disney i must admit

“i” want War and destruction in a game called warcraft…

not buddie buddie good times.

so a 2 week prepatch with a weekly boss to “gear your alts up”, isn’t that then max 2 pieces?


Awesome Cinematic!

Absolutely love it.



warhammer 40k: darktide comes out in 2 days…

made by the vermintide 2 team…

looks to be good and not disney.

bought that instead of this expansion.

:poop: we have to wait an extra day…

MoP is one of the darkest expansions. people would know that if they actually played it instead of just whining about… :man_facepalming:


When? I bought the expansion, today is 15 and still cant create the dracrthyr. False advertising.

Do you know what you get for preordering a game Twiggz?

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Tomorrow, after maintenance.

yeah i know… but at least i didn’t preorder wow this time…

just to add to ur previous comment as well

pandaria was basically a copy of kung-fu panda… they even had jack black play at the blizzcon…

so this is like you said how to train your dragon lol

But today is 15, at least they could say 15 in the US, and 16 in the EU… Why false advert?

They have been doing this for 15 years. At this point everyone knows how it is…

Maybe if you’re European you should be looking at the EU relevant information and not the US? Ergo:

So where false advert? :thinking:

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I like the new cinematic!
As a Goblin i can’t wait to pollute the new island!