Joining losing battles!


Dear Blizzard!

Could you atleast ask if we wanna join an ongoing BG!!!
20min queue just to join a losing battles is NOT OK!


They dont care about the pvp community. Even the random “PvP” bleed from many aspect. Enjoy Bfa.


Totally. Waiting for 20 odd minutes is one thing, waiting 20 minutes to join a losing BG with no choice is another, especially when it’s a long AV lose etc.

Then be faced with stay, wait and lose or leave and wait 15 mins for the debuff, then queue 20 odd minutes again :rofl:

At least, if you join a losing BG, then leave, you should not get the deserter debuff, or somesuch. Smh.


Most frustrating thing ever. Waiting in queue 25 min to join a 1200/150 Temple of Kotmogu losing game, thanks Blizz!
At least prioritize us when queuing next game then, since I wasted 25 minutes waiting to play a 1 minute losing game.

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What about mercenary mode? Alliance queues take up much less time.
Аn orc masked man stands straight in Mugambala.


Either way there is no point playing a losing battleground because you dont get any reward out of it.

Better afk out and watch netflix or primevideo or youtube until debuff is gone.

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Blame the quitters & afk’rs

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It’s getting beyond ridiculous. 4 out of 5 BGs I join are already lost - it’s a huge waste of time for the sake of nothing. With the same and longer timers on a horde side I probably won’t play BGs at all.

Blizzard, it’s a really simple fix - If player joins ongoing BG give them 2-5 mins of free leave without a debuff. Even if you don’t want to give an option to opt out of these BGs, you can at least do that. Or “time played” metric is so important that you OK with players wasting their time and you calling it “playing”…


I have an issue from the other perspective. I start Gilneas BG for example, we are missing some people so it is 8/10 at the start. Teams are evened out but due to lack of people we lose our fight for Waterworks. We never get a chance to recover because teams are even. We are always 8/10 cause we wait tons of time waiting for someone to join. Some people join only to find themselves losing at a bg so they quit. Till end of BG we are outnumbered and bg is lost. This has two sides of the coin. As for the queue times in horde… well… alliance got shorter queues as there are less people there. Until they decide to put some rating in for casual BGs (why not?) - there is no solution to yours or mine problems.


Someone mentioned before that Blizzard should remove the faction “war” on battlegrounds, and just like arenas and rated battlegroudns there would be a chance that u fight your own faction. I support the idea, but dont care now, 9 day and my torment ends at once.

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I did but it didn’t solve anything
The best thing you can do against this is decline when the queue says 25 minutes but it pops in 5


Waited a long time for a BG, joined a WSG where horde had 2/3 flags and unkillable, unslowable DK took our flag from the front of my nose. Soon they capped despite our best efforts to at least slow down the DK (of course pretty quickly there was 5 horde killing me), and the game was over.

Now I am back to waiting for another BG.

This is the stark reality of playing this game nowadays. Is this what Blizz devs really intended? Is this how this was planned to happen? Is this their DREAM when they started designing BGs all those years ago?

Is this how a sane, rational individual would design BGs?


Just by the way… 9 losses in a row. Every god damn morning, at least this many losses in a row. And you wait over 20 minutes to get to being stomped.

It’s always the same horde, the unkillable paladin, the unkillable priests, and the damn rogues that they always have so many of.

Nerf rogues, nerf DK pull, nerf paladins, god damnit, but you won’t, I know. Just so damn frustrating to get STOMPED 9 BGs in a row.

Stupid, stupid horde-biased blizzard that has no interest in giving ally ANY chance of winning.

EDIT: 11 losses in a row now, no chance, being ganked by rogues again. Sigh. Maybe ally could sometimes win, if rogues didn’t exist or were ACTUALLY nerfed. How can blizz drop the ball THIS BAD?

P.S. Arcane Missiles were changed from ‘powerful minigun’ to ‘weak leaves fluttering in the wind’. Stop giving the spell visuals useless inertia and weakening them. The sound effects also seem weak now, but nothing has been fixed since Legion. Why did they change something that looked and sounded POWERFUL and perfect, into this weak mess?

Why does blizz ONLY ‘fix’ things that ARE NOT BROKEN?

Now that I am complaining, I want to also add that other sounds were also changed to have a huge BASS effect every time you use them. This was NOT needed, and it does NOT make things seem more powerful, it’s just stupid to have BOOM BOOM everyplace all the time.

Why was the perfectly good ‘duel flag’ sound also changed to something resembling a squirrel trying to learn how to use the toilet? WHO is responsible for worsening all the previously perfect and functional sounds and visuals into garbage that makes ears and eyes wish they could vomit? And WHY is this done? PLEASE revert it at least as a test, or give us a CHOICE about every single visual and sound chance - give us a button that we can use to revert it to the way it was, or something like “Use old visuals/sounds” or “Use new visuals/sounds”-option.

Give us at least OPTIONS, you … you ,… well, I will save what I really want to say, but by golly, are you going to hear it.

EDIT: 12 losses in a row, and when stating the FACTS, I get this “lol quit playing” and “the common denominator” ,as if ONE player can bring down 12 BGs in a row. I swear, some day I will deliberately TRY to bring down 12 BGs, and I am 100% sure I won’t be able to, IF we have any chance of victory.


So basically, it’s not only fighting OP horde that can’t be beaten (premades, etc.), but you also have to fight TOXICITY in the chat. People are SO quick to insult, judge, and not understand you or your plight at all, or even start insulting when you are 100% neutral and ONLY stating facts and statistics.

Like, what the F.? Why the need to insult and be hostile and toxic? Why can’t you at least be civil or human about it? Even if you are angry (which I am right now, at blizzard), you don’t have to be hostile or toxic.


EDIT: 5 hours and 13 losses, still no victory. But lots more insults in toxic chat, and suggestions to ‘roll horde’, as if THAT solves anything.

First of all, it wouldn’t answer to question, WHY this is happening.

Second of all, it would not feel good to win against something that never wins, it would be like kicking someone in coma. Only against someone strong can a victory feel good. Not against someone weak, who loses all the time anyway. So it wouldn’t even solve anything.

Also, horde is evil, I want to kill horde, I don’t want to kill civilized ally (I wouldn’t mind destroying some toxic morons in chat, though). So if people would AT_LEAST stop being toxic in the chat, we wouldn’t have to fight TWO fronts, for crying out loud!

EDIT: 14 losses in a row, still no victory, approaching 6 hours of wasted time.

I mean, we even lost Kotmogu, for crying out loud! Ally never takes orbs, but usually we still win Kotmogu at least. I don’t even always count Kotmogu as a win, because it’s so easy sometimes. But not today… not in the morning. God damn … something is SO broken, and I don’t know, what.

But it’s too much to be a coincidence. Blizz certainly did SOMEthing.


One piece of advice; NEVER decide to just do a BG or two, just a quick win before you go do something else, like shopping for groceries. You will never get to leave, as you will never win.

I had to fast one day already, looks like this is going to be the same. Oh well, fasting is healthy and you lose a lot of weight by only buying food or eating after an ally BG victory.

I always seem to make that plan… if you at 5 am think “surely there will be ONE win between now and 9 am”, you’d be wrong. You can spend, like I have, MORE than that (over 5 hours now) in a row just sitting and trying to win and failing, because horde is always OP premade, and ally plays stupidly and is amazingly weak.

You will also be ganked by rogues a lot, unless you are a rogue, I guess. I wouldn’t know.

And then sometimes, like today, the BGs don’t even ever seem to pop up - you wait 15 or 21 minutes to get to that BG, then you see those OP horde names, and you know it’s going to be a loss. You try your best, and end up being ganked by 4 or 5 of them that just won’t let you go and you die and die and die and die and die and die and die. It’s like playing Silver Surfer, but much worse.

One more thing; since the game keeps horde and ally separate - AS IT SHOULD - why the heck are horde able to write here in the forums, as if they’re some kind of normal people? I don’t want to associate or fraternize with the horde - can’t you make separate forums or SOMEthing? How about at least a “Don’t show me horde posts”-button? Sheesh. So inconsistent and annoying.

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The first time I Saw this tactic used was in TBC
I probably would have seen it happen in Vanilla but I didn’t start playing until TBC
It boils down too they outgeared, outclassed and outskilled you, what do you want them to do? Give the individual players a permanent debuff?


Blizzard could you do something about this? Its not fun by any means to wait 15mins to BG and end up in Wsg game when there is 4mins time to play and enemy team leads 2-0! I just waited about 15 min on my Horde char for a game and end up game like that! Do something about it you muppets! And now i get same thing on my ally char one game later, but now 7mins time left and Horde leads 2-0!

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