Judgement Community Run Discord Channel

Can someone share discord invite for the realm? I want to start playing here with my friends and all links that I was able to find were expired.

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Post re-opened by Rejuvithorn: Community building post.

This post was automatically closed due to lack of replies, but I’ve re-opened it as it’s had quite a few views so it seems this is information people want.

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to let
and the rest of the Judgement community know how to connect with the player-organized community locations :slight_smile:

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Thank you Jafar! I’ve removed the thread timer so it doesn’t autolock and have edited your post to enable the URL.

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Why bother? Server is empty.


:joy: so true, server is dead, we just need Blizzard to unlock transfer instead of opening forum post . or at least to make a official post about what the heck is going on …