Just beat N'zoth on LFR

Third try. And by “try” I mean third time I queued there. Probably some 20 wipes altogether. Some of the most fun I’ve had in the game in ages. I hope they don’t nerf him anytime soon, but even if they do I’m happy I got to do it pre-nerf.

I noticed a good tactic is that you just straight-up ask the group if there’s someone who has no idea what’s going on. You know, instead of yelling at them. And then proceed to explain. Also choosing before-hand which groups go to portal is a must. It’s surprisingly easy after that.

Do not queue for N’zoth if you don’t have at least one hour to spare. Just don’t do it. You’ll just end up frustrated.

Honestly, I wish more LFRs were like this. There’s just something satisfying about getting a group of complete strangers to work together and beat the boss.


Exactly. Its just that people are afraid to say in chat that they dont know tactics because then they might be single’d out and get flamed or kicked.

After we wiped 2 times, our tank made a ready check and asked people who know the tactics press ready and those who doesnt know to press not ready. Almost half the group including me pressed not ready.

He proceeded to tell us what to do, assigned groups to go left or right or enter the portal etc.

We wiped one more time but killed him on the 2nd try.


Yes, exactly.

The other night I asked people to confirm in the chat that they’ve read what’s been said, because I figured some people will just ignore the chat and click “ready”.

My group in LFR Nzoth walked like headless chickens after 6 wipes despite explaining carefully the tactics and groups.

I had to leave.
Its hopeless unless youre lucky having people who are willing to listen for 5 minutes.

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in horde no wipes btw. notice all threads are from alliance mains?
why? cuz horde are all alts with 480 mains with mythic progress

[Tahra] said need nerf haha wat joke she deserv even bit troll come his way

atleast op does it right she does not complain she work for it u will learn fight best feeling world well done man u earn it

It mostly seems to go to one extreme or another.
Either it’s too easy and people moan about it
Or it’s too hard and people moan about it

I don’t think most want an inbetween because they want to live the experience of acting like they’re super pro… or being the first to say “encounter 2 tough, gg testing blizz, kbye”

I’m glad there’s people that still sign on to make the community a fun experience instead of adding to the meme that WoW players are toxic nerds that can’t be happy anywhere.

Tahra nerf lfr n zoth tread u sould read it so fun … he like moan

I still have to even find a Pug group to down HC Nzoth.
But because most people have killed it by now, I am stuck with idiots who cant go through the filter-boss or LINK CURVE groups. :frowning:

Its really rough to find competent people in Heroic Pug, so I wasnt surprised that LFR was a :poop: show. I want to get the curve mount to finish my BfA bucket list so bad :broken_heart: But I am behind in progression because most people I group with cannot learn mechanics or disband after 1 wipe. And LINK CURVE people wont accept me despite me having 30 attempts and more in the last bosses.

Is why I didnt bother with LFR.

Here is a joke in my Pug life: I spend 2 hours finding a group, and takes 10 minutes in a boss fight that either ends up in a kill or disband.

And u like to troll and make fun of him. Doesnt make u look very good :woman_shrugging:t3:


Horde group finder full of all kinds of groups. Normal runs 24/7 zerging raids. M+ runs 24/7. Heroic runs 20/7. (they stop at about 3am most of the time). If I had a cloak on my horde alts I’d go get my hc achievement but I cba playing “” “horde” " with barbies and night elves. (healer with mythic 9 gear) lol

Meanwhile alliance dead.

a-Ha! An example of LFR giving exactly the experience of a playing in a guild. Hope it’s given you an appetite for more. :smiley:

Never thought I’d see that but here we are. Happy I’ve seen it.

Whether you have time or not, you are a man of a good mindset, OP. I hope you continue to have fun and find whatever it is you seek. :slight_smile:

You seem obsessed with that little fella
Is there some issue you’d like to get off your chest, maybe a group session so you don’t feel targeted and afraid of other people singling you out at least twice in same discussion… You know?

Oh you’re not interested? Ok then. We tried. You keep dragging up Tahra at every opportunity if it will help you sleep tonight.


but fun trust me but to point forum op right lfr ez if u work for it

never said want look good just sey treu

na not relly but just fun torment him

Queue times on him are ridiculous 50 min wait at peak times noty

That’s true. Sometimes you get lucky, but it’s around 50-60 minutes, it seems. I solved the problem by setting myself on queue, finding a nice afk spot and reading a book while waiting.

Good for you, i wasted 1 hour, 3-4 got mc all the time from each portal.

I see… is it working… lets see…


Nope. Guess you need a new hobby.

It took me roughly two hours to kill just N’zoth, this included repeatedly explaining all the tactics again and again and again and again. No one yelled at anyone and we only had to kick one player.

The magic fix in the end seemed to be for the tank to Raid Warning USE NECK every 60 secs and that solved most of the insanity problems. The groups for going down seemed to go either everyone went or next to no one went. It was a very interesting night.