Just delete sub completely


Tomb / Antorus sub rogue was the best spec I ever played. Then BfA happened. Fun was detected. Sub’s unintentionally awesome rotation was pretty much destroyed when they got rid DfA and gave us secret technique (an ability which feels like 500% less satisfying than DfA). But it’s ok we still had shuriken combo. The spec was still fun and useful.

In 8.1 shuriken combo was removed completely. To “compensate” that, they buffed shuriken storm’s damage by 35%.
Sub used to be a good example of a unique spec design. Now it devolved into one of the worst specs this game ever had.

Simplify the game more and just delete the whole spec. Give its animations to assasination as an option.

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tomb sub :cry:


Yes subtely should be totalyl removed from game. Energy regeneration is one big joke now. Im just sad about new rogues who try to main this spec…


I mained Sub rogue in Legion, and started maining hunter for BFA. I decided to go back to rogue because of how much fun I had with it in Legion, but was really sad to see that they removed the DFA burst combo.

Finding that I was unable to use Shadow Dance on my way down, during DFA, was really disappointing.

DFA was always kind of bugged in Legion, but it was fun. I wish they’d kept the idea of the playstyle.


My opinion is they should make sub damage nearly completely shadow damage to at least bypass armor.
Besides single target, AOE is extremely weak and should be buffed extensively. Mythic + is a very important part of the game and no one will take a sub because of it’s low aoe performance.

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