Just rant about the mining rank 2

like the topic says and like many people probably went before me is the frustration unlucky people have with getting this recipe.

i understand that you dont want every recipe just be bought and hid behind some mechanic.

and in legion i understand the system even the drop was feeling way to low but you actually getting the stuff by doing your profession and it was only 1 time rng

the current mining rank 2 recipe is literally rng on rng on rng on rng

1st rng is getting the pickaxe ( oke that 1 isn’t so bad it is sorta common)

2nd rng ( hoping the stone is actually up) which isn’t always the cause actually for me it not there most of the time and yes you can realm hop but i kinda find that rude to join a party not intended for this and if you join your not certain if you stay in or get kicked wile doing the hunt.

3rd rng the correct color of crystals which are not guaranteed either and in combination with the 2nd rng point i made can be frustrating if you get kicked wile still hunting for the right colors and then have to find a party again with the stone and hope your crystals dont expire in the meantime.

4th Rng the drop it self since it is not a 100% drop ( 7% if i must belief wowhead) after all the previous rng this is just outrageous for me that its not even a guarantee and if it doesn’t drop the hunt start over again from step 1 and if your not the lucky type this is just a big downer.

i understand this if its for a unique mount or pet or even a transmog but for a somewhat essential gathering profession that JC BS and somewhat engineering all rely on and not even the final rank i find quite frustrating specially since there is complain that professions are dead ( well with these mechanics it doesn’t suprice me

i do hope they will change it ( even tough they probably wont ) but give it to a vendor for mana pearls and maby a certain rank in zandalari or kultiras mining as that way you keep it relevant to the content but dont hide it after multiple stacks of rng

end rant sorry it just im very unlucky with it and know the forums are not the best place to vent but just had to get it out


I hear ya mon.
It took me forever to get it as well.
Its like a 1 in a 100 chance… … where you have to do it five times.
I never experienced how to increase your professions back in the older expansions, but I assumed not as luck based as this one.

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Just wanna correct you here

Only drops if you’re a miner so it’s way off. If it’s the same % than Skinner it should be well above 50%. Got my two r2 in 3 tries total.

I think the drop rate is higher than 7% but it did give me the seam rank first. I don’t think I did the Avarius boss more than five times total to get both. My biggest issue was it seemed to be bugged at the start of the patch and you couldn’t put any crystals in.

think it might be higher to
and it is nice that you got it in 5 tries but i don’t think that that would be a guarantee that i have the same luck in fact with my warrior who im trying to get it on i think im already on 11 tries and not either of them dropped yet

to make my point short there is to many luck factors in this and even wait time since to wait for the stone to get up to try again.

and did try sever hopping but thats not a guarantee either like i mentioned in my main topic + i dont think blizzard wants people to sever hop and people who create the parties dont want people to join them for that reason either.

honestly it’s not even a bad mechanic, but it’s just annoying to have this be the rank 2 recipe, the rares should drop rank 3 and you should get the rank 2 from trainer. it makes no sense to have the rank 2 drop from a rare IMO.

Drop is higher than 7% due to it not dropping for anyone. But yeah, you could still have an unlucky streak. The wife got it on the 4th attempt my Pala alt on the first drop. Haven’t gone back for the seam one.

I thought it was silly since my main is a herb/alch and I already had rank three before the wife got her rank 2 drop.

Leatherworking aint worth shiet so i dont even bother. Only just noticed the legion system is in bfa too, when i looted rank 2 cragscale. Just lvled my profs to max and done

i presume you are talking about the rare in nazjatar in the top north west most cave that has to be summoned with a pickaxe and 5 crystals.

that rare was apparently bugged for quite some time on top of all thats been said, the stones/crystals just were not spawning or despawning. i’ve only ever seen it up once after i did the initial quest for him. i check periodically cause i have an axe in my bag.

but yeah, this whole rank 1/2/3 thing is a bit painful. it could have been ok, but (as always) the way blizzard implemented it was terrible. still not got the legion BS (or is it JC?) plans that only drop from a rated bg win. i’ve won over 50 games at least, and still nothing. :\

this is bad enough for mains, but then think about completionists and their alts. do they really expect someone to do a rated bg on a class they are rubbish on and is only an alt just to get a recipe, then have to keep doing that because its obviously not a 100% drop, its sorta hovering at a 2% drop rate for me it seems :frowning:

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the ranking system on professions it self i have no problem with and indeed could be ok if done right.

it does give some sort of immersion in a way you actually specializing in a certain aspect of your profession sorta.

but going with that principle the rankings should come indeed from " doing " the actual thing and for example what you mentioned that some ranks in legion drop in rated bgs but why? what has better mining fel ore has to do with bg?
would make more sense if it has to be a pvp profession reward that it was a recipe for a piece of rare pvp gear if pvp gear was still a thing.

but yea those are just my opinions

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If you talk about mining in Nazjatar, then it’s exactly the same for Skinning and Herbalism. Rank 2 drops from a summonable rare. It’s not just mining.

All gathering ranks are pure BS anyway, there’s absolutely zero reason to have the gathering ranks locked behind pointless A-to-B quests or rares that feel like a waste of time.

Gathering should be just that, simple gathering. Just make it skill based like it used to be.

Maybe for the grand-material Starflower/Platinum Ore/Anchor Weed where it makes at least a little sense but not for the general materials.

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I was mining on my mage and looked up how to get rank 2 of the Nazjatar mining. Found how to do it on WoWhead and about 1 hour later I had not only rank 2 but rank 3 also.

You must be suffering from really really really bad RNG or you’re just too lazy to work for it - I hope it is the 1st :slight_smile:

it is the first 1 i can tell ya
i must say i do finally got them both on my warrior and at rank 3 with both to but going to be a nightmare with all my alts if i want to do the same thing.

i just dont like the mechanic how it is brought to us.
specially not since it a basic component of the gathering profession.

if it for example was like for a rare every class can use the ultramegagnomeandgoblinevaportator 2000 recipe which would be like a weapon or armor with a cool design i understand that they want to hide that behind a rare mechanic

but not the basic component were all that recipes rely on.
and yes you are able to mine with just rank 1 but its far from ideal and allot more time to farm since the difference can be from 1 ore on rank 1 to 5 ores per node on rank 3

the thing i want with this is more so for the future as i dont think they going change this case anytime soon .
but hopefully they wont do this in the future.

reason professions now feel so useless in my opinion is A: there nothing to interesting to craft or useful besides the gems and pots

and B: there to many gimmicky system for obtain even the simple basic things of a profession ( like some1 els mentioned of 1 of the ore ranks you needed to do a rated bg in legion )

and just needed to vent about it on this special case as this 1 triggered me.

let professions be simple again and every prof bringing something to the table
let BS make gem slot in gear and maby 2 if your a blacksmith yourself and maby for extra bring back sharping stones back again that will stack with weapon ench

let insch maby make shoulder ench again and maby back the buff scrolls that can be used in combination with pots etc etc

let the unique recipes for maby higher then mythic raid gear lock behind those weird mechanics that way profession gear become useful again + to craft them you still need raid materials and that takes time so the in raid gear still will be useful and you have something to work towards

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