Just wondering

Skarr, the obsidian kitty from Molten Front still exist?
Trying to get him two months now, but not even seen him

WoWhead say:
Skarr - NPC
This NPC can be found in Molten Front and Kings’ Rest

What the Fel this kitty doing in King’s rest…? And where is he hiding there?

It’s just Molten Front and yes Skarr is still in-game. Use Eagle Eye to scope out the other spawn location. Remember you can’t Counter Shot him coz you will likely kill him so just hit Turtle and then tame.

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: What the Fel this kitty doing in King’s rest…?

Why, they’re waiting for you of course! There’s a whole range of pets for hunters to (I’m going to say it) hunt down and tame! Some are easy, some can be a real challenge to find!

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So… Skarr actually spawns in king’s rest? Just for clarification
Rather not spend an eternity to wait something that never happen eg. his spawn in there :slight_smile:


I said he’s waiting, not where he is :wink: My encouragement is in no way a suggestion of location to be clear.

I recommend searching fan-sites, forums, and comments, or using the wisdom of other hunters like Mabizela there to find his true location. Good luck, hunter! Emphasis on the hunt :smiley:

I recomend don’t suggest sites and forums where it stated as a “fact”, that NPC is located in Molten Front and Kings’ Rest, when its obvious its wrong
Thats not encouragement, thats misleading :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Skarr found in King’s Rest(as stated by wowhead), is indeed incorrect. Most likely a glitch caused by some user who has reported a tame of that NPC in this dungeon.

But either way, he can only be found in the Molten Front(Cataclysm e.g. questzone). He has 2 spawn locations there with an aprox spawn timer of 4-10 hours. Keep in mind that he shares that timer with another rare called Karkin(crab).

Wowhead is correct on the facts regarding Skarr, apart from the bit about King’s Rest.

If you’re not interested in the challenge part of taming him, simply bring a ferocity pet for the Primal Rage ability.

Activate that ability to get the bonus haste. Dismiss that pet.
Then start taming Skarr. The Tame Beast cast should complete before he casts his ability and you wont have to risk using any shots/attacks on him.


As I pointed out Aspect of the Turtle deflects his interrupt much the same way as Deterrence used to. You can ofc get the 1,000 Haste buff that is found nearby which finishes the Tame Beast cast well before Skarr can do anything.

Thanks for the great advices
Now just need to be there when this kitty spawns…