<Jynx> Kazzak, LFM

<Jynx> Founded originally back in 2008, has made a comeback after a hiatus. The guild is located on the server Kazzak, and we are currently looking to strengthen our roster for raiding and M+.

We are currently looking to expand our roster with like minded players that wish to progress current and forthcoming content in a stable paced manner, whilst keeping the environment relaxed and drama free. We are welcoming players of all experiences, be it from current patch to previous tiers.

Our ambition for next season is to clear normal and heroic difficulties, then venture into mythic progression. The top priority for this forthcoming tier is to build a core raid team in preparation for the further expansion.

Our progression at the moment is:


9/9 Hc
4/9 Mythic

VOTI Fated

5/8 HC

What do we expect from you as a raider:

  • We’re looking for players that consistently strive to improve their performance as the goal of the raid is always to achieve a cutting edge during the current tier.

  • Full knowledge of your class

  • Knowledge of the current tier.

  • Strong attendance 95%+.

  • A stable computer and internet connection.

  • To have a fully functional mic and be able to speak is highly desired.

  • The ability to accept criticism without taking it personally.

  • Your character needs to be optimized with adequate

gear, flasks, pots, gems ect

  • To show interest in guild activities outside of raiding, such as farming M+

What can you expect from us:

  • We’re eager to give everyone the chance to maintain a healthy balance between real-life and the game, hence we have set our raid times to be as efficient as possible for players to achieve that balance.

  • You’re to play in a stable and solid guild, led by an experienced raid leader who makes sure every aspect of the guild is well managed.

Raid Days:

Wednesday 8 - 10 ST and Sunday 7 - 10 ST

Recruitment needs:

Mage High
Warrior High
Unholy DK High
Mistweaver Monk High
Preservation Evoka High
Ele Shaman Medium
Holy pala Low

Despite our current recruitment needs, we will consider all potential applications from other specializations and classes.

We are looking for a DPS with healing OS

We are also looking to recruit keen mythic plus pushes to bolster our mythic plus roster!

If you’re interested in joining us or if you have an inquiry please do not hesitate to add the following officers, or to apply follow the discord link below.

Jynx Discord


Emmi 2013#2825 Officer // Airiain#4406 (Discord)

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We are currently looking for the following dps classes to join our roster;


We will consider all other applications from varied classes and roles.

We are currently looking for range dps

We are currently looking for but not limited too the following classes.

Shadow Priest
Holy / Disc Priest
Mistweaver Monk

Update on our recruitment needs.

Monk healer High
Shadow Priest High
Boomkin High

Shadow Priest High
Monk Healer Medium
Boomkin High
Hunter High
Evoka Dps Medium

We are currently seeking a DPS with healing OS

We are currently welcoming applications from all dps classes in preparation for season four, with the limitation on retri paladins currently.

Currently welcoming all players for season 4

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