Karokta / Cobalt Shalewing

Thanks a lot, Blizzard. Now I am positive you completely despise cosmetics farmers, and I can always count on you to take something that’s already awful and make it even worse. It’s actually remarkable.

Another blatant and ridiculous carrot on a stick.

Just have some shame.


I agree. It’s on you what you wanna do though - I’m sitting on 721 mounts according to Simplearmory, and I simply chose to ignore this one now.

Based on the calculation I did on Wowhead with my sample size, the dropchance for this mount is 0.07%.

They will buff it in the future, no worries :slight_smile: Just wait until then and don’t burn yourself over a +1 you won’t use anyways.


Its bugged.

How so? I’ve seen it drop twice in over 100 kills in raid groups, so the mount exists and drops.

I assume the mount drop has also been increased.

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Droprate does not make sense, either bugged or Gated behind renown 20 where it is much higher. Its just a rare mob theese are supposed to be 1%-5% chance. And blizzard is no longer making super low drops, they buffed Pandaria world bosses to 1% too. So there is no way something is not off about this.

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Don’t think it has, I made the post after I did exactly 20 kills in raids groups today and not seeing a single drop.

Wow that’s some dedication. I could barely even bring myself to kill it once a day. I got bored after the 3rd time.

Just kill if I see these days.

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I almost sure it only dropped at the first kill of the day until today. Now it will only drop in the first kill of 5-day cycle of areas (with increased chance so it will be the same as before probability-per-day-wise).

That’s why I’m very frustrated about people saying “I have 300 kills and no drop” on the 3rd week, when they technically only looted ~17 times (21 days of the patch minus ~4 days when the rare was inactive).

Well, that is multiplied by every character that has looted. So in my case, with 23 characters at 61-70, in 17 days I could get 391 attempts. I’m currently at around 120 or so, but that’s beside the point. The point is that it’s definitely possible that some people have over 300 kills.

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I don’t even know what the increase is, same amount of flightstones and crests from them.

With different characters yes, I agree.

It’s just low drop rate becouse they want u to sub more, they up drop rate later.

Yes, and by the time they do increase it there will be no one in the zone and no groups in LFG. You’ll have to camp it and waste just as much time or even more. Still have nightmares about Soundless…

There’s no possible win here. Not that it matters to them, but for the first time in all these years I’m considering quitting for good when my sub expires. There are way too many farms that take absurd amounts of time due to ridiculous RNG and let’s face it - if it didn’t stop by now, it never will.

Atleast soundless could drop, this mount is just way to low.

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