[Kazzak] [H] Returning players looking for raid/mythic+dungeon guild

Hello everyone. Me and my friend (Frost/UH DK) recently returned to Shadowlands hoping to enjoy the game once more. We are looking for a HC raiding guild that wants to invest time on mythic raiding aswell if people wants it. And people to run mythic+ dungeons.

We have around 200 item levels at the moment. But is slowly progressing for more.

We are looking for fun, friendly people to play the game with.

What we can offer to the team if we find ourselves in your rosters,

We are avaible 7/24. I mean there is nothing better to do in the pandemic anyways. 2-3 raiding days are preferred. We are able to join at any hour any day.

We are open minded. If we did bad, Didnt perform well or caused a wipe etc we know it. And the people are more than welcome to criticize us. Otherwise we cant improve for the better.

We have experience on all the raids since Warlords relase on heroic modes and early few mythic bosses in every tier.

We know our classes and our utilities well.

To contact us

AshenEidolon#2627 (DK)

Hiya, If a realm change is something you would consider then feel free to check us out:

Hey i have added you on Battle Net and sent you a message :slight_smile:


[H] Crustacean nation (Draenor) is a newly formed guild made of mythic raiders with the goal of reaching CE in 9.1. We are recruiting dedicated DPS and healers who want to give their best performance Monday and Wednesday 20:00-23:00 ST

We have an exceptional core and want to start with Mythic progress as we cleared HC CN within the very first raid night!

Feel free to DM me on discord @ KooDoo#3050.