Kazzak - Looking for a (semi)hardcore guild


Started playing wow a month ago, played for a long time some other MMORPGs (TESO, SWTOR, BDO). I also have a solid ongoing competitive experience from another game.
So far hit lvl 100 with my BM hunter (ilvl 134) and have 3 chars < lvl 40.
Whatever and whenever I play I try to play as effectively as possible. I’m a very competitive player by nature.
Looking for a guild to play with for a transition from a newbie to a hardcore player.
Mostly free in the evenings, if not available, I will warn in advance.

Thank you.

Hey there, please add me for a chat.


is looking for new members to fill our Raid roster!
We are a fairly new formed social guild on Kazzak (Horde), that wants to fill in missing spots in our Raiding and M+ Teams.
Skill and Ilvl are not important to us as we are willing to help our members in any way possible!

We are currently
8/8 Normal EP
3/8 HC with missing spots filled in by pugs.

Our Raiding times are
Thursday: 19:45 - 22:45 Normal/Alt run
Saturday: 19:45 - 22:45 Heroic progession

We run M+ almost daily aswell as Tmog/Achviement runs!

If you want to be part of a Guild that is built on making new friends and enjoying the game in a social and
friendly environment we are the right guild for you!

For more informations don’t hesitate to contact one of our Officers!

GM: CrownWhite#2980
Co-GM: Bippi#2300
Co-GM2: MrManet#2888
Officer: Blanka#21608