Keybind and text display issue

The regular letter D and Đ (displayed as đ in small case) are treated as one the same keypress when it comes to keybinds. It may not be a that much of problem for most of the world but it is a minor inconvenience for users coming from EX-YU European area. It cannot be separately assigned and when done so, it shows as bound to regular D in the wow UI.

Please try to fix, we also use letters such as - Š - on our localized keyboards and that one doesn’t share the bind with the “basic” version of the shared letter, nor does - Ž - for example.

There’s a whole variety of everyday letters that we use - Đđ Šš Čč Ćć Žž - some of which are recognized by the game while others aren’t, be it in regular chatbox or chat bubbles above player heads.

Many names include those letters. While they display properly on the bnet client, they are mostly a no-show within the game(s), often replaced by different symbols.

Recommend you also submit this issue via the in-game tool. Can link back to your post if the tool’s character limit is insufficient.

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