Keys.. to easy to leave keys, and get no penelty



Im so tired that ppl can leave keys and get no debuff, same score…
1 wipe nowadays and 1 ppl will leave…

So why does not WoW have like a system that you lose your score…
TO easy and to boring nowadays. No idea to even hav randoms with you.

So good luck in next exapansion having this sytem. Let ppl get 1 key! And if that person leave his/her key will get lost and you hav e 3 chances to join a group. And if you leave, thats no more keys for that week…
We are 3 ppl talking about this. And Where are all players in BFA?

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Its irritating yes.

But not really an issue for customer support.

Feedback and suggestions are made in-game via the feedback/suggestions tool.


meby dont leave keys after 1 wipe still heve time compleet key even if it go wrong stay not only u time u waste whole group if u so far intro dungen waste not finish it

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