Kick issues in mythic + groups because of slow pc

Is it just me or are mythic + groups in these days plain careless and unfair . Today my friend who joined a mythic + group was about to enter the instance, but within half a minute or so he gets kicked by the group leader because of his pc having slow loading. Is this acceptable? Not according to me no. The leader and the rest of the group could’ve been patient and give my friend some time to let his computer finish the loading. I believe some players are too impatient, cold, and deeply unfair. This issue definitely annoys me. Maybe you can relate to this issue.

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Quick fix for the issue:

/i My loading screens are slow, please be patient, I'll eventually finish loading! Thanks!

Put that in a macro, hit it before zoning into the instance, or before the first time you’re about to have a loading screen while in group.

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Your friend needs to join the minmax culture

Including minmaxing load times

Ancelyn-argent-dawn I honestly haven’t given that solution much thought. I’ll take your advice into consideration so thanks. :slight_smile:

Friend of mine has incredibly slow loading screens too, and has faced similar issues. She started using that exact macro, and hasn’t been kicked since.

People are far more understanding when they know what’s going on. If you say nothing, and it just appears that you’re AFKing outside, that’s gonna be a fast boot.

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