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I actually play on a low pop / no queue server so i say this with neutrality (I rolled from shaz to mograine to stonespire), increase the layering to whatever the hell removes anything more than a 1 hour queue time.

I say this in full knowledge layering is supposed to be removed at some point. However in any project management situation, you’re looking for control. Right now blizzard have seemingly no control over the enormous influx of players. Buy yourselves time, YOU are the ones who decide when P2 and layering is removed. Give yourselves an opportunity to provide a solution, via free transfers or whatever else you can dream up. Right now you’re at risk of losing an enormous opportunity, thousands must feel like quitting and playing something else. Open the doors, take them in, let them level, some will get bored anyway and when you have stable numbers - strategise on the best approach to removing layers.

Players want to play - let them!

Wtf is this bs about realm capacity!
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the only ppl that leave are tourists to begin with

who cares?

edit: the rest just temporarily leaves and comes back later anyhow
theyre a sucker for this game


When layering is removed, more servers than are availble right now will be needed. New servers like Mograine and Ashbringer will NEVER die just for their names.


Well I don’t disagree, I just feel they would be allowing themselves time to react, instead of watching their playerbase contract due to outrageous queues


Some of us have names we like and have already invested a lot of time on a particular server. Moving to a new server you lose time invested and or the names of your characters.

I for one am staying on the servers that my characters are on.

Edit: time invested doesn’t just mean levelling it also means player interactions.


Game has been out for 2 days.


Im confused… does increasing layering increase how many ppl can be in the server? Thought those were two different things.


Some of us play like 14 hours a day, I’m sure some have done even more than that especially those trying to level quickest.

Plus there’s the character names and the social interactions.


Well our initial understanding was that server capacity is X with Y layers. Though it seems from reading, more layers can be added and therefore ultimately raising the cap of the server(s). There is obviously an argument to be made not to do this as it means the layering phaseout becomes more challenging, however given the situation - I think its by far the lesser of 2 evils (if indeed its an option at all)


Only the strong paintent ones will endure.


Looks like they kicked the shiz out of that can! Good job blizzard! :smiley:

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