Kilrogg offline?

Soooo; after “the drama” from yesterdaymorning, I come online this morning, to find… no server???
No announcement, nothing, no info no where to read… What is going on? Why is the server not back up; after closing it down last night already at 21.00h?
I fully understand that there needs to be maintenance done, but this is a paying game. The least you can do is inform your customers.

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I’m wondering the same!

Does anybody know where the realm is ??

It’s online for me, but not showing my characters on the list, scroll down to the high pop servers and Kilrogg/nagrand/runetotem are down there. They seem a bit buggy tho, wasn’t showing guild/community properly either.


Thanks for the heads up, I can confirm that the realms are there, once you hopped in / out of them you are able to see the characters in the realm selection.

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