Kind and somewhat shy roleplayer seeking a home

Hello to those who read this, I was thinking of writing good evening, but it might not be evening when you read this. I am Delia, a new player that wish to belong to a roleplaying guild. I have done some roleplay before in D&D and would love to roleplay some in World of Warcraft as well if possible.

I just began playing last week, so I am fairly new to the game, but I am enjoying it a lot. I am mainly around in the evenings, as I am busy with work and so on in the days. Should mention about myself that I am deaf, so I am unable to join Discord for voice talks, but I do not think that should be an issue at all?

I am hoping to find a kind and friendly guild with some roleplayers. Alternatively a guild that does not roleplay, but is just kind and frindly works as well! Thanks for reading. Feel free to reply to this if you want to.


A warm welcome to you! :grinning:

I am very sporadic on WoW, but I try to attend ‘open RP’, and recurring events, like the
(also known as ‘Greeting The New Moon’),
An Evening At The Forge,
“Fisherman’s Friends”,
and Story Night -

all casual, friendly, walk-up style gatherings to which you can just show up and meet some of the interesting characters these realms have to offer (most of which are in one or other of our more active RP guilds) :slightly_smiling_face:

Being this casual, I’m counting on others to give you a better reply, but I’ll offer my “two coppers”, as it were:

Since your avatar is Alliance, I’ll start with that;

The Botany Band has events on Monday evenings - sometimes faction neutral, open to the Horde, other times only open to Alliance characters, due to content and game mechanics. As the name implies, their activities usually revolve around plants.

Refuge of the Lost, as one might imagine, offers refuge and aid to refugees.

Those are the only active ones I know of / that come to mind, for the Alliance.

On the Horde side, I have had some experience in the past with the

Wayward Vagrants, a ‘fighting for a good cause’ mercenary style guild. (Correct me if I’m wrong, Vagrants, it’s been a while! :wink:

Hand of the Titans do various missions to keep the world safe.

There may very well be more, but those are the ones I could think of right now.

I hope you find and join the perfect the perfect guild for you, :smiley:
and I’m sorry I can’t help you more directly :slightly_smiling_face:


What Gordon mentioned are all solid suggestions. For Horde side I would also recommend the Beastmaw Warband, the Convocation of Elrendar, and the Coven. They all have fantastic folks who are a joy to interact with.

Anyway… If you are willing to give the Horde side a try, the Hand is always open to kind people! The guild is old, well-established, and has a long history of fostering newbies.
As for voice chat, it happens sometimes but is by no means mandatory, especially since like 99% of communication happens in text chats anyway. Since we have quite a few disabled, neurodivergent, etc. folks on the team, the guild is sort of tailored to accomodate all sorts of needs sort of by default. x)
Other than RP we sometimes do current content (like dungeons or, once in a blue moon, even raids) on a casual level, so if you’re interested in that we can definitely offer it!

Anyway, hello and welcome to Sha’glade Cartel! I hope whichever group you choose will be a great fit. If you have any questions regarding lore, game content or the mechanics of RPing in WoW, just let us know on the forums here. :relaxed:


Thank you Gawrdon, you’re definitely not wrong, the Vagrants are still out and about, trying their best to make the world at least a slightly better place - for everyone!

Also, welcome to WoW, Delia. I don’t know much about the Ally side of things when it comes to RP on Sha’glade Cartel, but you’ve already gotten some nice suggestions on the Horde side, so hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the realm, and I hope you find yourself a group you’re comfortable in!

Beastmaw-wise, we tend to mostly hang out at Warsong Hold these days if you feel like checking us out, but pretty much all the mentioned Horde guilds are top-notch. On Alliance there’s also the Night Gryphon, which is an adventuring knightly order, the best way to get in touch is by sending Dalathar a letter, or giving anyone from the guild a poke on a Friday.



Best of luck finding a new home - it can be incredibly daunting somewhere new. While we’re a small server it’s certainly not shy of friendly faces.

My guild, Wayward Vagrants, can be found over on our forum ‘Wayward Vagrants are hiring’ (won’t let me link for whatever reason, grrrr!’ or simply send me an in-game whisper/letter to find out more :smiley:


I have found a really nice guild after looking a little bit. And I even met some people in Tanaris for roleplaying last night. It was a lot of fun and rather enjoyable. Thank you all for the lovely tips.


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