King's Rest: Achievement Problem


Hello Everyone! So i’ve been running King’s Rest Dungeon few times and have killed all 4 bosses that the Dungeon have but every single time when I kill Last boss on the Dungeon with my groups I never ever get this Achievement. I were running this Dungeon on Heroic after King’s Rest Received Heroic Mode. I haven’t done this Dungeon on Mythic. So Yeah I have no clue what is going on with this Achievement Issue. Last time I had this same problem with Karazhan during Legion Days. Just to add that here as well. Because It’s not first time that this problem had Occured for me.


As King’s Rest was mythic only, they obviously forgot to change it’s completion achievment to HC mode, but you will get it on M mode. You can also note that while doing King’s Rest HC you won’t get 1 day lock as any other heroics. You can farm it as many times as you want, so something is not right.


I hope that This Issue get’s fixed because It’s just not right at all to make people run something that suppose to award them with an Achievement for completion and you won’t get it. And yeah sure it also sounds and looks very much odd that you may farm King’s Rest on Heroic as many times as possible without get that 1 day lock. So seems like there’s more problems to it then just one it seems. Well anyways I’m still hoping that this problem get’s fixed soon.

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