<Kiss Pittens> casual raiding guild looking for members

As the name suggests I am starting up a guild to run through normal and eventually heroic castle nathria (and beyond) when it releases on the 8th of December.

I personally have a lot of raiding experience from wrath of the lich King, mists of pandaria and warlords of drainer, progressing on mythic siege of orgrimmar and even killing mythic garrosh before wod released. I would be looking to lead the team to the best of my abilities.

Time wise, I am greatly restricted by my work shifts and other social commitments so would be looking to run on Monday and tuesday evenings, usually fairly late server time. Potentially around 10pm server time.

Social players and levellers are welcome as are players of all skill levels. If you have ever wanted to experience end game content but at a slower, more relaxed pace then I will do my best to provide this.

If this sounds appealing to you then please do reply on here or send my bnet a message on ThisIsJam#2757

Good luck with your new guild mate. Good time to recruit with so many people rejoining the game.

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Bump. And thanks last poster :slight_smile:

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