<Kiss Pittens> (Horde) Recruiting for Castle Nathria Raiding!

First up, apologies for the repeat post. I can’t delete my old forum topic due to race change shenanigans.

We are looking to add to our current raiding team with additional dps (ranged preferred; warlock, priest, mage) and one or two more healers, preferably Holy Paladin or Disc Priest. Our current raiding times are Monday and Tuesday, 20.15 til 23.00. We are currently 3/10 nm, looking to push more next Monday and eventually into Heroic.

Players of all skill levels welcome, if you’re new to the game and looking to get into end game content or a veteran player, you will find a home here.

If this sounds appealing, please send me a message via my battletag ThisIsJam#2757. Thanks for reading!

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