Known Error Disrupting Ashenvale PvP

We want to acknowledge a known issue that we’ve been working to identify and fix.

It’s possible in the Battle for Ashenvale PvP event to have two lieutenants get killed at precisely the same time, resulting in the entire event hanging in error for an extended time, and even affecting the start/reset of the next round of the event.

We completely understand how disruptive this is, and we’re working diligently to deliver a fix as soon as possible.


You can open the living flame please! during a moment! I’ve been wanting to join my friends for a week! I try every day to join without success

plz open living flame just a few hours

Perhaps with the new fix of the fix of the Ashenvale original fix, the devs can throw in something for the hunter pets as well?

Perhaps you could look into the Bot problems and all the issues that follows?

There’s also something weird with the percentages dropping randomly from time to time.

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Can u give alliance players portal from stormwind to darkshore/ashenvale its rly annyoing run that long way… horde players like 40sec with windrider from og…

Yesterday my raid was winning, we were 2/3 and the Horde was 1/3 and we were about to engage catapult. Then suddenly our whole raid got layered and suddenly we were 1/3 and the Horde was 3/3. Please look into that it was very annoying.