Korraks revenge bug

Joining this while leveling an alt, well you might be able to just tickle someone. But get ready to run for your life! Because here it is! Korraks revenge, it’s like being in an actual horror movie.

But are you into a very hardcore and impossible challenge! On your below lvl 70 alts, Continue reading, because this is korrak’s revenge:

  • Fighting people who hit 50-80 times as hard as you! (If you can get any dmg out before the one shot that is).
  • Has up to 9 times your hp! (Sometimes more!)
  • Do you love being dead weight?
  • Constantly running for your life!?
  • Getting farmed on a GY is how you like to play the game.
  • Did you play it before and have fun for hours and you want some disappointment in your life? Here is all the disappointment you could possibly want!
    This is the unwanted game play you never knew you wanted, this is the place! How exciting!?
    On top of that it offers no gear scaling what so ever, it’s really like the level cap just got moved from 60 to 70 also which in return also destroyed the original game play in this. What a celebration.

This might sound like a crazy 1 of April joke, but noo this is the actual bg and it’s game play.

I’ve played around 13000bgs in my times, meaning I’ve seen broken things, hackers, bots you name it. But never has a bg been more broken than this, so my lagging capability to take this seriously, is simply just matching my lag of understanding for how this hasn’t gotten hot fixed.


I noticed this whilst trying to take a tower with a rogue trying to defend it. 3 hits (as a MW) & he was dead.

There was a Korraks Revenge a few years back where everyone scaled. Lowbies could do & take more damage. I thought it was a better experience for everyone playing together.
But there were cries about scaling & how lowbies should be insta-squished.
idk why they insist on making it a garbage experience for so many players, but they succeeded.


I know the game play is like a 1 of April joke turned real.

But I hope this gets their attention.
Else I can highly recommend them to log on any low lvl character and play it! :rofl:

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I think, whilst it’s easy to point the finger at Blizz, these changes came from community requests.

idk what players enjoy about squishing lowbies, I don’t find it challenging or engaging. But, evidently, some do :man_shrugging:t2:

No one in their right mind could have asked for this…

The best thing about scaling down (“Timewalking”) is that we could whip out old gear with weird and wonderful effects. Dark Edge of Insanity with a 3 second disorient, MoP cloak, trinkets from previous expansions etc.

There’s a timewalking mode for PvE where we can enjoy old world gear, why not PvP? The original Korrak’s Revenge was both more enjoyable and more inclusive.


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