Korrak's revenge - Bugged Achievements


With the Korrak’s Revenge event being up for the duration of WoW’s Anniversary, it’s the occasion for many people to get Alterac Valley achievements, including the Battlemaster title. But it seems that some of them are bugged … here is the list:

  • [Tower Defense], requiring to cap 50 towers, don’t show any progression on the bar, and only show “0/1” instead of “X/50”.

  • Linked to the previous achievement, it seems that when defending a tower, it doesn’t increase the counter in Statistics > Player vs. Player > Battlegrounds > “Alterac Valley towers defended”. Meaning that currently, there is no way to proove that you’ve defended 50 towers and make a ticket to get the achievement.

  • [Alterac Valley All-Star], requiring to complete multiple tasks in the battleground, doesn’t update during the game. The progress is stuck with what you’ve done in the last “regular” Alterac Valley.

  • [Damage Control], requiring to deal / heal for more than 300k points, is not granted when completing the requirements, even if you’ve reached more than 1M in both dps and healing in Korrak’s Revenge.

All the other Alterac Valley achievements are granted when matching the requirements in Korrak’s Revenge, which is why I call those previous achievs “bugged”.

I, for sure, have already reported them in game. But I bring this here so that more people can see that there are some problems on those achievements. They can then confirm those problems by checking in game, and then report those bugs. The more people repporting it, the better chances it get fixed.

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It is possible they are not bugged in relation to doing Korrak’s Revenge. It may be possible they only count if they are done in the normal Alterac Valley and not the Anniversary one.

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Well, for example with the Tower Defense, its equivalent for Graveyard assault works perfectly in Korrak’s revenge (moreover, the tower defense is at least bugged in its display, by showing 0/1 instead of your progression, even if it’s only your progression in the regular AV).

If a Blue says that it’s intended, well, I’ll trust him and stop reporting that. But as around half of the achievements work perfectly in Korrak’s Revenge and that only some seems to have issues, I prefer to bring up that situation rather than letting potential unintended problems persist during that event :wink:

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You are doing it correctly when you report it in-game. The SFAs here normally aren’t able to pass on bug reports to QA and the Devs.

I checked my achievements and I see what you are saying about the Tower achievement. All the other achievements for Alterac Valley give x/100 or x/50 and the Tower one gives 0/1. It’s the only battleground achievement I can find that displays like this.

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I really hope this gets fixed asap, some of these achievements are required for the Master achievement and Battlemaster and I think a lot of people have that as a goal during this event.


For me even on the minimap BG tab, it doesnt show the defense as credit when I was clearly the one who recapped the alliance flag in dun baldar, and there weren’t any alliance players around me.

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Howdy all!

Just wanted to drop on by that the issue with the achievements has been noted and is being looked into. There’s no further information available to share but figured you would all at least like to know it’s being looked at :slight_smile:


It would be nice, if after resolving the issue, people that actually completed these could get their achievements pop

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In my experience with [Tower Defense] it does increase the counter in Statistics - Alterac Valley towers defended. I now have 51 there yet the achievement was not awarded.
With [Alterac Valley All-Star] my experience is very different. 4 of 5 criteria work perfectly (turn green), but graveyard defenses are not registered. ‘Graveyard defended’ criteria is actually absent from the achievement list, instead ‘Graveyard assaulted’ present twice. Moreover no player ever had ‘Graveyards defended’ registered in the summary table.
I initially filed tickets, then wrote bug reports. Hope It gets fixed soon and even better if I wouldn’t have to redo these again.

Sadly this has not yet been fixed. Got all steps for the All Star achievement done today, but no credit for one of the graveyards assaulted steps. I took graveyards aswell from the other faction as in transition phase, and on both faction sides (took like 7 gy’s in total :wink: )
I made an in-game ticket, so let’s hope I can still get the achievement, since it’s a pain in the you-know-what for a warlock and really don;t want to try again.

Still no change currently concerning the different bugs on the achievements, and we’re coming close to the middle of the event :pensive:
At multiple times, I defended 3 or more towers in a same game, but no credit for the achievement nor for the counter in the statistics tab …

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cant get the “defend graveyard”-thing… i defended our graveyard and retapped it while it was tapping and after it was done

Reports about the Korrak’s Revenge version of Alterac Valley and achievements are still being gathered and both QA and the Development teams are investigating. Unfortunately we do not much more information about it at this time.

Make sure everyone continues to report any issues that come up through the appropriate channels.


Any update on this? Its less than a month left on the event, this is the only time some of us will be able to get AV pops and do these achievements.

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There is always normal AV…
I am queued for AV almost every day for at least 2 hrs and the last time it popped for me was a year ago. So pls don’t assume everyone has the same situation as you.

Tower Defense has been fixed and I was awarded my achievement automatically upon logging in with the relevant character :grinning:
As for All-Star it looks like it has been fixed too as the “graveyard defended” criteria is now present. However I was not granted the achievement and I guess there is no way to prove now that I have fulfilled all the criteria.
EDIT: I posted a ticket asking to credit All-Star retroactively and the answer was no, go earn it again :unamused: