Kul Tiran and Zandalari dances what do you think?


The KT male dance looks somewhat okay (I guess?) but the rest looks really dull to say the least.

(Zakkaru) #2

Very disappointed with Zandalari ones.

You’d think this should be easy. Zanda male should have a warrior dance that is characteristic to pre-columbian culture like here:

And female should have Brazillian Samba :

Can you honestly imagine Talanji dancing the way Zanda female is dancing?
I can’t.

Thier dances should reflect their spirit, and Blizzard has completely missed the spot, on both of them.
They don’t capture their strong and regal culture at all. They’re completely off and can;t compete with cool cappoeira or sexy belly dance regular trolls have.

(Meristu) #3

That male zanda looks really meh, looks unfinished as if it was missing few more steps …

Cant say I am surprised with ballet KT female.

Male KT are imho missed opportunity, I was expecting pretty much something like this

you create half of the expansion with pirate theme and then you ruin it with some stupid forgotten meme …

(Bloodlock) #4

The KT male one is ok, female is kinda dumb… it’s literally just 3 steps… kinda boring. Zandalar ones… well, i kinda get their origins but the male one looks kinda dumb with the waving.
The female one is ok.


They look all somewhat short on moves.

(Uldurin) #6

I like the Zandalari female one, but they do look kinda unfinished.


It’s like there is moves missing and it looks more like work out video getting stuck on very short loop than actualy dance.

edit: it would need some sort of butt shaking and maybe a twirl.

(Uldurin) #8

We need more buttshaking in general! :smirk:


basically came here to say this, thank u


Start with practising with this video, we can tell you when you got it!

(Jakali) #11

Zandalari male is amazing love it tbh.

And the female does the Stanky leg.


Quite nice, although a bit short.

(Merrin) #13

Zandalari female seems to be the best, at least imo.


Well, I really hope the dances are unfinished and they are still iterating on it because it would be a shame if the they are the final version.

(Kátárinä) #15

It’s only the PTR, they may add more due to the original races having 3 dance phases each.

Kul Tirans aren’t Pirates tho, I think the male Kultiran dance fits… Not to mention how happy they look when dancing.

(Fòrum) #16

I really like all of them tbh

But I do love older races having more iconic dances that matches the popculture of theyr releasedate.
At least the newer ones

And im glad there is no fortnite-dances

Kinda expected flossing


At least they got their own dances…_

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