Kul Tiran Race Not Unlocked


Can someone please help me understand why I can’t get the Kul Tiran race to unlock?..

I’ve checked my attunement and it’s showing as follows:

Allied Races

|[Proudmoore Admiralty]||Complete|
|A Nation United||Complete|
|Tides of Vengeance||Complete|
|Reputation: Proudmoore Admiralty|Exalted|100.0%|

^^ Could only put two hyperlinks in due to a new user :frowning: ^^
Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks :smiley:


Hey :slight_smile: Hm, that is a little strange! I see you having fullfilled those requirements too. Which Character are you having the issue on?

Have you tried to use the Wowhead Attunment checker?


Hi. I checked wowhead for the attunement, and it all showed fine (100% complete)
I’ve completed all of the achievements on this character (Enviøus).

(Aldru) #4

Have you gone to the embassy in SW and started the scenario to actually unlock them?

(Vossprey) #5

Hey Enviøus,

Head to the Stormwind Embassy, and start on the questline, that is needed to fully unlocked the Kul Tiran allied race!


Whoops!! Thank you and you too @Aldru. All sorted :blush:

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