Kyrian good for PvP?

Yo. Just started maining SP (in the gearing process), been liking it so far, i choose venthyr as covenant since mindgames is pretty insane atm but i want to test out Kyrian since the covenant ability boon of the ascended seems pretty bursty, just not sure if it is good in arena.
Any response to it’s major flaws or reasons why it’s subpar would be appreciated

I don’t think boon is bad in pvp, but mindgames is (pretty much) a win condition and the reason why spriest works so well in pvp right now.

I wish we were able to swicth the cov abilities at this point, so much stuff I’d love to try out in both pve and pvp :’(

Just switched, i gotta say it does some big damage
"Ascended Blast 19.1k (28.8%) Casts: 4 "
"Ascended Eruption 18.3k (27.6%) "

Its good for PvP DPS.

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