<Lack of Foundation> RBG Team

Hello everyone,

the Guild < Lack of Foundation > is forming a RBG Main Team.

After being a stable and successful Raiding guild for over a year now, we want to branch out into the PvP scene.

We recently started recruiting players for a PvP Roster with the goal of having a successful RBG Team.

Our game hours will be Thursday between 20:00 and 23:00.

We are currently mainly looking for Meta Healers(Monk, Evoker > Paladin, Disc) and Range DPS(locks, boomy).

RBG experience above 1,6k is nice, but not necessarily needed.

Feel free to apply with other classes aswell or just join our fresh PvP Community:

Lack of Foundation PvP Community:

Joining our Guild is not required, but would be a nice touch for players from Ravencrest, so we can display a sense of unity.

If you are interested or have any further questions, feel free to message me:

Blizzard: Faerox#21560

Discord: faerox1

Hey there,

iskater2#2127 battlenet

Im dieing to have fun together in rated pvp like arenas and rbg’s :slight_smile:

Im a 2.1k exp arena lock and 1.8k rbg exp lock

I dont mind the spec you need I can adapt ^,^

Add me on battlenet so n_n

Have a nice sunday!

getting a bug with trying to join your community, enable cross faction blah blah

Are you still recruiting?