Lack of option to have separate keybinds on different computers


I recently started to play WoW and I enjoy playing on my computer, but sometimes I want to just change to my handheld computer and do some world quests on bed before sleeping. But since I do use controllers to play on the handheld, the keybinds have to be routed differently through an addon. The problem comes when I change the keybind and they get saved on the WoW servers, meaning that whenever I come back to play on my PC, my keybinds are all a mess.
I would ask if there was any way for blizzard just to allow a setting where I can select to have local independant keybind settings that will not be uploaded to the server. It is a simple but very helpful thing that would be of great help.

Thank you for reading and I hope it can be implemented, at least for the next expansion.


That’s existed since they started syncing them to their servers.

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