Lag since 10.2

Came back to retail and im having lag issues, didnt have anything in classic or other games have played with my addons and cant notice a difference, cant see anything on the forums either so now i am thinking it is me…

Any thoughts?

EDIT - Just double checked - Classic 41 latency, retail 130 over a minute in each game

EDIT EDIT - tried a few things now my internet is fine on other games, any idea what this could be?


They are ignoring the issue, but there are lots of posts complaining about the world latency. They just not comment on any of them or close them automatically after one month. Sad that nobody from Blizz comments on this issue

Sad really, luckily on SoD now so no issue

I can also confirm this issue. I have contant lag issues since 10.2. On Sylvanas realm.

I’ve been having issues with some sort of lag lately. Both in wow and in ow. I don’t have it in other games . Everything is fine untill suddenly I get like 5 sec of people not moving… then 5 sec being fine. Continues for a minute or so and then I’m back to fine. :thinking: I updated my pc a few month ago so I dont think it’s that. Just annoying. Happens mostly when I’m in m+ or raid.

i was getting weird Dcs yday and lagspikes

What would you say about 21K latency? Ridiculous since Dragonflight…I miss the old school devs. Nothing bad lasted so long. I haven’t played for a week…When I login and see these numbers . Yesterday I played and with 200+ latency, I managed to guess my moves and do dungeons and quests and get some crests…On Tuesday, I needed just one more run to get the third Heroic Item and the entire Raid was kicked out of the server. I never made it! Waste of my time and money…No wonder people are abandoning the game.

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