Lagg every day at same time

My normal latency is about 50
For the last 10days i have a latency about 300-500 and that happens only in 18:30h every day and last couple of hours and then its normal again until 18:30 next day.
Iw tryed to play on some private server to check latency there and its 56 but on blizz wow retail its betwen 100-500 so i dont belive my net is problem
Did few things i could googl it but nothing couldnt fix it

Whois your ISP (Net Provider)

1st: Try flush DNS
2nd: Close all back ground apps or addons
3rd: Open your task manager to see what if anything is causing the bottle net. often something like your browser could be updating or if you have discord running, best close that too.

Already tryed all that.
I would lag everywhere if something is downloading in background but no its just blizz wow. Its 17:51 im waithing 18:30 to see magic again.

Another day, another latency spike. Harbinger of wipes…

Yep its wow server fault for sure my net is completly fine
Even my dk head on forum is gliching xd
World of Lagg and GlichCraft

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